Album Review: Third Nail – Theos-Haimaton (BlackSeed Productions)

Third Nail is the solo project of Balc (Balmog, Marthyrium, Apologoethia, or Avlivad, among others) in order to bring forth his vision of pure, obscure, and mighty black metal. His new release is called ‘Theos-Haimaton’ and is made up on four tracks. To make it a full-length release, BlackSeed Productions have included Third Nail’s debut demo ‘Shepherd of Wolves’ as a bonus. It is out on March 31st, 2022.

It is the new tracks that take up the first four spots on this album, Third Nail unleashing a bevy of dark, epic and twisted black metal with Hosanna. The brooding instrumentation clashes inordinately with vocals that range from guttural bleakness and grandiose enlightenment. Then the tempo shifts and the track explodes into chaotic horror. It’s black metal but not as straight-forward as you might expect.

Oh, you won’t mistake this for say metalcore or ambient post shoegaze but you’ll notice that the formula is just a bit different in places. Something that is very welcome as it makes this release charmingly dark but very interesting too.



That continues into the frenzy of destruction that Red Litany dishes out and the hellacious noise of Engulf the Soul. If God still exists in Heaven, he will condemn us all for music this harsh. Which brings us to the end of the new music and the slow, grand and guttural bleakness that Eden Stars showcases. A short but very effective finale before we crawl through the bowels of hell to find the tracks from Shepherd of Wolves.

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Three tracks that have less refinement and sound way rawer, after all, it was a demo. New Line, Flaming Wounds and Heresy Tower making this a full-length album. As horribly enchanting as what came before but with darker and more coarse instrumentation. There is an obvious problem with these tracks though and it’s how the vocals are really buried. Although to be fair, that just makes it all the more abrasive.

Third Nail – Theos-Haimaton Full Track Listing:

1. Hosanna
2. Red Litany
3. Engulf the Soul
4. Eden Stars
5. New Line
6. Flaming Wounds
7. Heresy Tower


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Third Nail - Theos-Haimaton (BlackSeed Productions)
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