Album Review: Trick Or Treat – Creepy Symphonies (Scarlet Records)

Italian power/heavy metal band, Trick or Treat are back with a brand-new release called ‘Creepy Symphonies’. The classic movie & comics monsters are back and, guess what? Now they are more scared than us… This twisted parallel dimension is depicted in true Trick or Treat fashion, addressing topics like environmental issues, cyberbullying and social media addiction with a unique uplifting twist. Creepy Symphonies will be released on April 1st, 2022 via Scarlet Records.

Tongue in cheek, upbeat and power-driven metal, Trick or Treat are having fun here and so will you. Creepy Symphonies has an innate silliness that is exemplified by an introduction that is dripping in The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween-town vibes. One that is also making sure you know just who is responsible for the cold sweat that trickles down your back.

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It’s Trick or Treat and with Creepy Symphony, they are alive and kicking. A frantic and hyper blast of power metal that features one hell of a chorus, a screaming guitar solo and a playful tone shift that keeps the garish horror style at the forefront. Have a Nice Judgement Day then gives us epic riffs, fist-pumping percussion and glorious vocals. Before Crazy arrives with such power metal aplomb that if you’re not grinning from ear to ear by the end, you’re probably dead.

Peter Pan Syndrome (Keep Alive) aka the concept of not growing up, and being trapped in childhood is a track that everyone can enjoy. After all, life is far too serious, so a track that delivers such a heady blend of old-school metal and substantial power metal balladry is always going to be a blast.

The top shelf quality of Trick or Treat’s talent and imagination continues into the liveliness of Escape from Reality and the melody-driven epic that is Falling Over the Rainbow. Before Queen of Likes adds some barbs to what is an impossibly catchy blast and we get power metal ballad excellence with April.

Trick or Treat then sees things out with a gargantuan call to arms in the form of The Power of Grayskull. They have the power and it’s impossible to not enjoy.

Trick or Treat – Creepy Symphonies Full Track Listing:

1. Trick or Treat
2. Creepy Symphony
3. Have a Nice Judgment Day
4. Crazy
5. Peter Pan Syndrome (Keep Alive)
6. Escape From Reality
7. Falling Over the Rainbow
8. Queen of Likes
9. April
10. The Power of Grayskull


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Trick Or Treat - Creepy Symphonies (Scarlet Records)
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