Game Review: Rob Master 3D (Mobile – Free to Play)

From the masters of ‘job’ style games comes another free to play ad experience filled with repetitive and limited tasks and no replay value. Yes, it’s Alictus again. Them who’ve been responsible for Fix the Item, Money Buster and Deep Clean Inc. 3D.

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This time, it’s all about being a thief as you aim to become the master of robbery through short mini-game after mini-game. From sneaking into people’s houses to breaking into safes to hacking computers to stealing jewellery from right under the staff’s noses. Each mini-game is laughably simple and most can be completed with no trouble at all.

At first it seems like there’s a ton of variety, each new level bringing with it, a new thievery challenge. However, like all Alictus’ games, it doesn’t take long for everything to start repeating bringing with it even more diminishing results.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the satisfaction you might feel from earning money from your successful heists is pointless. It can’t be spent anywhere or on anything. It’s the equivalent of being given points but not having a leaderboard to compare yourself too. Just don’t bother, it makes absolutely no difference to the experience.

Then, of course, there are the ads and like all of Alictus’ games, it’s unnecessarily over the top and frustrating. The usual ‘aeroplane mode’ rule applies here if you’re going to bother playing this, which we don’t recommend. Not because it’s terrible or anything but rather just how little satisfaction comes from it. Sure, you can waste a 15-minute journey on it but you can do that on tons of other games too. Ones that at least try to offer you some reason to keep on playing.

Of course, Alictus don’t care. Their goal is to hammer you as hard as possible with ads as quickly as possible while doing as little as possible. Such is the state of the free to play mobile market.


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Rob Master 3D
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