Album Review: Traumatomy – Extirpation Paradigms (Gore House Productions)

Since Traumatomy’s formation in the winter of 2012 the band have vomited up some of the most sickening death metal imaginable and they have never sounded heavier than on their third full length album of barbarity, Extirpation Paradigms.

It’s been six long years since Traumatomy released a full-length album, the fearsome Monolith of Absolute Suffering, but it has absolutely been worth the wait. With Gore House Productions on board, no corner of the earth will be safe from their savagery. Extirpation Paradigms is out on May 7th 2021.

Weighty and callous, with a compact and sinewy riff/drum section, Traumatomy bring some concentrated heaviness with Extirpation Paradigms. Nine tracks of squealing guitar licks, brutal riffing, bone-crunching drums and sewer-draining gurgle-like vocals. It’s death metal with a touch of the grind, but with one simple goal. To be as ruthlessly heavy as possible.

Does it succeed? Repulsively so.

Spluttering, sneering and spewing up a constant stream of disgust. An uncomplicated yet detailed lump of callousness, Extirpation Paradigms flies by in a blur of overwhelming noise. It’s like standing in front of a jumbo airplane engine as it prepares to take off. No-one can hear your screams over the sound of Traumatomy attempting to melt your face off.

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Every time you think you’ve experienced the heaviest that they can possibly be, they will throw in these stomach-churning roller-coaster style drops. Sparingly used but so damn effective. Needed at times too as the constant flurry does start to fuse together. That doesn’t stop it being unenjoyable though and before you know it, it’s the end. Where we get additional vocals from Josh Welshman of Defeated Sanity for an even more inhumane finale.

Traumatomy – Extirpation Paradigms Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Feeding Organism
3. Inducing Intragenic Deformity
4. Ruinous Metamorphosis
5. Extirpation Paradigms
6. Patterns of Tyranny
7. Filled with Abhorrence
8. Instinctive Defilement
9. Epitome of Depravity (ft Josh Welshman of Defeated Sanity)


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Traumatomy - Extirpation Paradigms (Gore House Productions)
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