Album Review: Jordfäst – Hädanefter (Nordvis)

Jordfäst envelopes the melancholy and rawness of Scandinavia. Members of the band have their roots in the dark forests of Småland, Sweden, but the branches stretch all the way from the endless fields of Scania in the south to the icy mountains of Tromsø in Northern Norway. The music stems from black metal soil and its canopy covers everything from the melodic and atmospheric to the harsh and brutal.

Hädanefter is Jordfäst’s debut album and will be released on May 7th 2021 via Nordvis.

Enveloping cold melody, peacefully drifting in. The momentum increases, the chill getting deeper and the darkness beginning to spread. The black melancholy is growing in stature and with frozen intent. This all within the first few minutes of Buren av loppor. Growing and growing, pulsating and oozing black liquid, the deeper Jordfäst dig, the colder it gets. A captivating track that easily holds the attention for 18+ minutes.

Jordfäst might only have two tracks to offer here but both are mammoth sized and both show just how much dark and icy atmosphere is layered throughout their bleak black metal core.

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A slightly shorter effort, Hädanförd begins with a foot-tapping rhythm to much surprise. The atmosphere deepens but the daring guitar melodies stay focused. It’s undeniably black metal, thanks to the raspy vocals and thumping drum beat but far from confined by the sound. Hell, there’s even a guitar solo which also happens to herald the start of a faster and more intense direction for the track. This is Jordfäst proving to be far more than any might expect.

An exemplary release, the devil is in the detail and this two-track release has a lot of detail.

Jordfäst – Hädanefter Full Track Listing:

1. Buren av loppor
2. Hädanförd



Jordfäst - Hädanefter (Nordvis)
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