Album Review: Monarch – Future Shock (Self Released)

San Diego thrashers and 2019 Wacken Metal Battle USA Champions Monarch are independently releasing their sophomore album “Future Shock” on April 16, 2021 to follow their 2017 debut full-length “Go Forth… Slaughter”.

The band had this to say:

We’re all just super excited to get this album out to everyone because I think everyone right now needs something new to get excited about. At the time of this release, the world is still under quarantine from the COVID-19 virus in parts of the world and we think it will be a welcome escape from having to worry so much right now. We should all be cautious of course, but we can’t make our lives not worth living. This album really inspires us to write even better and we’re still amazed at how it came out. We look forward to hearing its response by fans and getting to play it live and loud again.

A thrashy head-banger, Monarch bring some serious old-school raw, noisy vibes and mouth-watering energy. You know how it goes, thrash should be played hard and heavy, so Monarch make sure they deliver.

Screeching riffs, soaring solos and massive hooks, the guitar work on this album is solid as fuck. Then we have the constant battering meted out by the drums and the extra thickness given by the frantic bass playing. All complimented by a scornful set of vocals that are less sung and more spat out. When Monarch speak, we listen.

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There’s no pretending that there’s anything ground-breaking or brand new going on here. However, who gives a damn about that? Who doesn’t want to let loose occasionally and head-bang the dust out of the ears? Future Shock might be traditional but it’s not crusty sounding.

No matter if thrash is the creed which you live by or you’re venturing into the frenzied scene for the first time. Monarch will appeal to all who like their heavy metal to sound…well, like heavy metal.

Get the muscles warmed up, you’re going to find your neck and arms are about to get a serious workout. Cue fists in the air and heads being banged.

Monarch – Future Shock Full Track Listing:

1. Blast the Seed
2. Khaos Warrior
3. Future Shock
4. Nuclear Warfare
5. Shred or Die!
6. Multiverse
7. Fatal Vector
8. Collision of Bones
9. Swarm of The Whorenet
10. Metal Soul



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Monarch - Future Shock (Self Released)
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