Ten Best Horror Movies Released In 2020!

It’s not all been doom and gloom this year! We’ve had some class horror movies released. Some that have captured the mainstream attention and others that have wowed the indie crowds. We looked back through our reviews for 2020 releases and pulled out 10 that we think are at the top of the pile. These movies impressed us and had us talking about them. Enjoy!

10 – Don’t Look Back

IMDB synopsis: When a young woman overcoming her traumatic past is among several witnesses who see a man fatally assaulted and don’t intervene, they find themselves targeted by someone, or something, out for revenge.

A clever and interesting watch, Don’t Look Back nails several important elements to ensure it holds the attention up until the very end. Firstly, the story plays out well. Even when it hits familiar beats regarding potential supernatural elements, it always leaves room to manoeuvre it elsewhere. This is important as it keeps things mysterious up until its final reveal and even a little bit after.

A very strong performance from Kourtney Bell helps too. You can feel her character’s loss, grief, and guilt yet she remains strong in the face of so much. A particular scene at the end might surprise many by just how emotionally impactful it is. Elsewhere, Will Stout is a relatable grieving brother who lives up to his own mistakes and Skylar Hart does well as the supportive and worried boyfriend.

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9 – Case 347

IMDB synopsis: CASE 347 follows psychologist and UFO skeptic, Dr. Mia Jansen (Maya Stojan), and a team of documentary filmmakers who believe that alien abduction claims are forms of “mass hysteria”. This is their footage.

What really makes Case 347 such a thrilling watch is how it blurs the lines of paranormal horror and alien mystery. It draws from the same well that many other films relating to the former do but does so in a much more subtle way and always with an outer-world spin on things. Some of these scenes are downright creepy and/or chilling. Heightened by a far less intrusive and frustrating style of filming.

Case 347 is easy to dismiss, especially if you’re a found-footage regular but it’s well worth checking out. Writer/director Chris Wax has crafted a great story, utilised a good cast and worked hard to make found-footage a positive of the movie rather than a negative.

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8 – The Platform

IMDB synopsis: A vertical prison with one cell per level. Two people per cell. Only one food platform and two minutes per day to feed. An endless nightmare trapped in The Hole.

The Platform’s entire concept as a whole is fascinating and interesting to discuss. A clear metaphor for our society, and an apt one at that. The Platform shows us how the game of life is rigged from the start. An interesting study on the psychology of humans and what people are willing to do to survive in the harshest scenarios.

Overall, The Platform is a psychologically taxing film. It lingers in the mind long after watching. Filled with both disgusting and disturbing imagery and a message about our society as a whole.

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7 – The Unfamiliar

IMDB synopsis: A British Army doctor comes back from a war, thinking that she has PTSD only to discover that there is a more daunting malevolence at work making the life that she knew unfamiliar.

A strong movie driven by a story that starts off in very familiar territory (ghostly goings-on) before revealing a strong hand. Drawing from the darker myths and legends of Hawaii, it creates an already unique feel simply because you don’t get much of that. A country associated with sun, sea, sand and welcoming locals, The Unfamiliar shows off a darker and interesting side of it.

Perhaps the finest thing about the story though, is how it grows and grows. Letting the viewer have small titbits, allowing immersion to develop before eventually ramping things up a gear. If you pay attention, the latter part of the movie may not be a complete surprise, but it’s still got some effective twists and turns.

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6 – Paintball Massacre

IMDB synopsis: Old school friends go on a paintball trip, miles away from civilization. Things go horribly wrong when they discover a cold-blooded masked killer is among them. Now they must fight to survive their school reunion.

Paintball Massacre is a blast. A gory and violent blast. One that aims for the head and hits its mark. Once the killing begins, it enters delightedly amusing territory. Almost every death has a tongue in cheek feel to it which makes the ones that don’t, feel so much darker.

The cast are what makes this such an enjoyable horror. Whether they’re bickering about their younger selves’ treatment of each other. Bitching about having to even take part in a paintball session or monologuing before getting blown up by a mine, everyone does a stand-up job. There are many moments where a bit of dialogue or a reaction to the insane events taking place will get a chuckle or two.

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5 – The Invisible Man

IMDB synopsis: When Cecilia’s abusive ex takes his own life and leaves her his fortune, she suspects his death was a hoax. As a series of coincidences turn lethal, Cecilia works to prove that she is being hunted by someone nobody can see.

The Invisible Man is a commendable study of abusive relationships and how inescapable they may seem. Although, to call this a horror is pushing it and it is more of a thriller movie. Although a staple of horror is seeing a victim get their revenge and that classic trope is very well executed here.

Overall, a tense rollercoaster of a movie with fantastic performances.

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4 – The Good Things Devils Do

IMDB synopsis: Richard, a small-time gangster is retiring. Before he can, he must take one last job: to steal money from a rival gangster’s house. Miles apart, Melvin is a reluctant family man who has dreams of becoming a famous curator for his Museum of the Macabre. His newest acquisition? The remains of the notorious Masquerade, a vampire born from the embers of hell, slain centuries ago. On Halloween Night, their paths will collide and they’ll be forced to work together to fight centuries-old evil with everything on the line.

Congratulations is in order for every single person involved in The Good Things Devils Do as they have crafted an excellent horror movie. One with a super-strong cast, a tight and well-told story, characters that are all really likeable and a ton of graphic gore. If you’re looking for a new horror flick to watch, make it this.

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The cast is excellent and while the movie doesn’t have a ton of time to really develop their characters too much, what we do get, works. You’ll care about their plight and be cheering them on all the way through.

If all of that wasn’t enough, the film is shot so well, and the different coloured lighting really heightens the mood. It’s not a scary film, not at all but it is a grim film and unafraid to push the limits. Nowhere is that more apparent than with the eye-watering blood and guts, of which there is bucket loads. All practical effects too!

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3 – The Dinner Party

IMDB synopsis: A budding playwright and his wife attend a dinner party hosted by wealthy, cultural elites, who have promised to bankroll the writer’s latest play to Broadway, but, in fact, have darker designs in mind for the couple.

A slow-burn of a horror, The Dinner Party makes it clear early on that this is not going to be a normal dinner party. However, it still manages to hold back enough that when things do take a dark turn, it’s still shocking.

A classy, sexy, stylish and violent horror that takes many a surprising turn. Held up by strong performances, top effects and a gleeful finale.

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2 – Color Out of Space

IMDB synopsis: A secluded farm is struck by a strange meteorite which has apocalyptic consequences for the family living there and possibly the world.

Based on the short story “The Colour out of Space” by H. P. Lovecraft.

There’s something almost hypnotic about this film, something genuinely engrossing throughout. We just don’t get many horror movies these days that you can call true horror and this is certainly one of them. Some of the visuals are truly disturbing, nasty looking stuff and very reminiscent of the types of body horror we’ve seen in films like The Thing & Evil Dead. In terms of effects, it’s fantastic.

Also, the heavy synthwave soundtrack is awesome. This is one well worth checking out.

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1 – We Are the Missing

IMDB synopsis: The scariest nightmares are the ones you can wake up to in “We Are The Missing”; a drama/horror pseudo-documentary following The Madisons’ desperate search for their missing daughter.

We Are the Missing is transfixing movie, one where an unsettling feeling arrives and never really leaves. Even as the credits roll, things just don’t feel right. Perhaps that comes from just how real it feels.

The combination of the documentary style of filming, the strong acting from a varied cast and good pacing takes hold. It stops feeling like it’s a film and starts to feel like an expose on missing people cases. Albeit one that takes on a darker (if such a thing was possible) and more menacing tone.

Conceivably though, the best thing about We Are the Missing is just how subtle it is. It’s not a ‘scary’ movie but it does creepy so damn well. However, it slowly builds this up and with it more and more tension. Like a tightly wound spring, you’re waiting for it to go off and put someone’s eye out. Does it? Watch it and found out. You will not regret it.

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