Horror Movie Review: We Are The Missing (2020)

A drama/horror mockumentary, We Are the Missing comes from GBHBL favourite, Andrew J.D. Robinson. The writer/director has thrilled and chilled us with some of his movies including Candle Cove, We Know You Are Home and Making Faces.

Those were shorts though whereas We Are the Missing is a full-length movie. Although one made on the seemingly impossible low budget of $300. That alone is worthy of praise but can the talented man strike gold again?

We Are the Missing’s story surrounds a missing person named Riley (Chantel Little) who effectively just vanished one night. Her parents, distraught and confused have done everything possible to try and find her but she’s just… gone.

Through interviews, footage and more, the story surrounding Riley grows in scale to become something much more sinister and ominous.

If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere.

We Are the Missing is transfixing movie, one where an unsettling feeling arrives and never really leaves. Even as the credits roll, things just don’t feel right. Perhaps that comes from just how real it feels.

The combination of the documentary style of filming, the strong acting from a varied cast and good pacing takes hold. It stops feeling like it’s a film and starts to feel like an expose on missing people cases. Albeit one that takes on a darker (if such a thing was possible) and more menacing tone.

Conceivably though, the best thing about We Are the Missing is just how subtle it is. It’s not a ‘scary’ movie but it does creepy so damn well. However, it slowly builds this up and with it more and more tension. Like a tightly wound spring, you’re waiting for it to go off and put someone’s eye out. Does it? Watch it and found out. You will not regret it.



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We Are the Missing
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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