EP Review: Battle Born – Battle Born (Self Released)

The UK’s power metal scene may be small but its fans are fiercely dedicated – and with good reason. There are quite the number of bands carrying the mantle since Power Quest lay down the gauntlet nearly twenty years ago (Control the Storm, Dakesis, Pythia to name a few). Next in line for the throne are Battle Born, who are proud to announce their Skyrim-inspired self-titled debut EP, though they are far from new to metal. Out on June 26th 2020.

Time to squeeze into that old loincloth, grab some baby oil, dust off the sword and raise it high… Battle Born have sent the call out. The call to join them on their march to bring the metal back.

An apt title for a track that will get the blood pumping and the chest thumping. Before that though, it’s the self-titled/title track to help energise the mob with a blazing and defiant fist in the air.

Your pulse will be pounding as Battle Born lay our their power metal credentials for all to see. Even when they take the pace down a notch (Man of War) they still impress.

Of course with an EP, there’s a limited amount of time to show variety so it’s genuinely pleasing to hear the sweet ballad of For Our Home. Very relaxing, very warming and very epic. It will put a small smile on the face. Before Sovngarde Awaits makes sure to wrap up the EP in truly bombastic way.

On this EP’s showing Battle Born are going to be a band to keep a very close eye on. The UK power metal scene is becoming a force to be reckoned with and few won’t want to be on the journey with bands like this.

Battle Born – Battle Born Full Track Listing:

1. Battle Born
2. Bring the Metal Back
3. Man of War
4. For Our Home
5. Sovngarde Awaits




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Battle Born - Battle Born (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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