Album Review: Various Artists – Fangs (Mongrel Records)

Mongrel Records is proud to present Fangs, a compilation of some of the finest heavy music from the emerging African underground, focusing predominantly on the fiery South African scene. Included in the 14 explosive tracks are locally acclaimed bands such as Ruff Majik, Deity’s Muse, Boargazm, Hellcats, and The Drift, with the added spice of up-and-coming acts like Savage Lucy, Peasant, Goat Throne, and many more. Besides showcasing the best that the continent has to offer, Fangs is also a mixed bag of utterly intense and enjoyable tunes, so bite down hard!

It is out on CD and digitally via Mongrel Records on May 22nd 2020.

One of the benefits of the digital age is that scenes many knew nothing of are now easily accessible. No matter the country, bands can make their music available to a worldwide audience.

Of course, the drawback to this is that the market gets flooded and potential fans actually finding a band’s music becomes tougher and tougher. Especially in a world of instant gratification and short attention spans.

This is where compilation albums still hold relevancy, especially ones that focus on a specific label roster or location. Case in point? Fangs from Mongrel Records which features 14 tracks from the South African scene. One of the hottest and most interesting musical locations in recent years.

The calibre of the bands emerging from South Africa is so damn high and several on this compilation have already been featured here on GBHBL. The likes of Ruff Majik and Deity’s Muse stand out in particularly.

Elsewhere though we get a wide variety of noise-mongers. All looking to make an impression and in the case of The Drift, Savage Lucy, Goat Throne and Rhakshah, one is definitely left.

There’s a little something for everyone here. Groove metal, death metal, progressive rock, afro-tribal metal, stoner, doom, hardcore and much more. This really is an all incorporating compilation that does the South African musical scene proud.

Various Artists – Fangs Full Track Listing:

1. Ruff Majik – All You Need Is Speed
2. Peasant – Destined To Dirt
3. The Drift – Funeral Man
4. Sunken State – This Is The End
5. Hokum – Tonight Is Your Night
6. Savage Lucy – Vagabond
7. Deity’s Muse – Erra
8. Arka’n Asrafokor – Tears of the Dead
9. Goat Throne – American Appetite
10. Hellcats – Wish You Were Dead
11. Apocalypse Later – Hyena
12. Truth And Its Burden – Surfacing
13. Boargazm – Epsilon
14. Rhakshah – Torpor


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Various Artists – Fangs (Mongrel Records)
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