Album Review: Souls of Tide – Black Magic (Mighty Music)

Have you ever wondered what 70´s rock band would sound like today?

Souls of Tide is somewhat strangely assembled as the background of these six experienced musicians grew from both rock and metal. The members are known from bands like Trollfest, Wyruz, Sarkom, Porterville, Dead Maple, Matanzick and Opel.

The music is highly influenced by various bands from the 70´s, such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and The Doors. Souls of Tide continue their legacy to evolve the music to something different and unique. This all resulted in one stand-alone single, one EP and one full-length album since the beginning in 2014. The last album “Join The Circus” was released in 2016 through Mighty Music and now they’re back with Black Magic on the 22nd May 2020.

The equivalent of getting in a time machine and travelling back to the rock and roll hey day of the 70’s, the one major difference with Souls of Tide is the modern cleanliness of the production.

Does it make it sound and feel dated? Yes, this style of rock seems out of place these days but that doesn’t mean it isn’t thoroughly enjoyable. Especially when you get bands like Souls of Tide throwing all their talents and energy into delivering a catchy, rocking and memorable release.

A foot-tapper of a start with Voodoo Ritual transitions into the far superior Firegirl, a touch of sexiness and sleaziness about it. Easy to envision hazy, sweet smelling, smoke-filled rooms where pretty things dance and move for entertainment.

The mellow tune of Through the Fire (very reminiscent of Black Sabbath), the hyperactive guitar riffing and soloing of Morning Star and the groovy title track are genuine foot-tappers that all fans of rock can enjoy.

The short Interlude is quite sweet with subtle use of the organ and an impressive haunting guitar jam-like solo.

Before things get darker and that little heavier (at least by 70’s style rock standards) with The Offering and Evening Star is a glorious tribute to everything great about the by-gone era.

At around 35 minutes long, Black Magic is the perfect length ensuring there’s no chance of boredom. It’s clear that Souls of Tide have picked their best to showcase on this release and it pays off.

Souls of Tide – Black Magic Full Track Listing:

1. Voodoo Ritual
2. Firegirl
3. Through the Fire
4. Morning Star
5. Black Magic
6. Interlude
7. The Offering
8. Evening Star


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Souls of Tide - Black Magic (Mighty Music)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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