Album Review: Ruff Majik – Tårn (Lay Bare Recordings)

It’s going to be a big year for South African Sludge n Rollers Ruff Majik! The band are very happy to announce their signing to Dutch Label Lay Bare Recordings for new album Tårn, set for release on the 3rd May 2019.

In a small, secluded mining town in rural South Africa, three friends heard the call of the void, and spat fuzz back at it. Thus, Ruff Majik was formed, and the boys decided it was time to move to the city to spread their gospel of riff worship and sound sorcery.

Ruff Majik moved out to Pretoria, South Africa, where they’ve become infamous for their lively shows and aggressive on-stage persona.

Ruff Majik 2

Credit to Ruff Majik, their moniker of ‘sludge ‘n roll’ is very apt. What we have here is a seriously fuzzed out record. One with all the groove and bounce of rock and roll. It’s an interesting combination, exciting and sure to get many a repeat play.

We only have to look at the deep purr of Schizophrenic’s guitar and thick soup-like bass to understand where the fuzz part of Ruff Majik’s sound comes from. While a riff or two with flair and vocals that are lighter and with a bit of whine about them, they push the rock forward to take a bow.

Gloom & Tomb slower tempo allows the groove to drip through like sticky and thick honey before I’ll Dig the Grave tries to wake the dead with a strong combo of faster rock and slow passages of sludge. Expertly sliding from one to the other with such ease. Ruff Magik exude coolness.

Dread Breath keeps the energy high, the psychedelic sprinkling on the guitars sounding particularly solid here. While Heretically Happy is Ruff Majik’s slower stoner heaviness at its best and Speed Hippe has enough groove to get even the most static of person to their feet.

Finally we have the gothic tone of Seasoning the Witch, a super-dirty and super sinister sounding finale. It’s majestic in just how low it takes things, a real showcase of filth-encrusted sludge. A summation of the entire album too. Uniquely interesting.

Ruff Majik 1

Ruff Majik – Tårn Full Track Listing:

1. Schizophrenic
2. Gloom & Tomb
3. I’ll Dig the Grave
4. Dread Breath
5. Heretically Happy
6. Speed Hippie
7. Seasoning the Witch



Find out more/keep up to date with news by checking out Ruff Majik’s website, Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube Channel.


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Ruff Majik - Tårn (Lay Bare Recordings)
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