EP Review: Deity’s Muse – Lungs Full (Turning Tricks Entertainment)

Deity’s Muse, the Johannesburg-based progressive rock titans have released their new EP Lungs Full. Produced by Clint Vincent from Australian rock giants Dead Letter Circus. This EP will be the first in an evolving concept, the band plan to release a series of digital EPs over the coming months. Once they are all out, they’ll compile them into a full album and release it on CD and vinyl.


The mellowness of Still in Hiding comes from the vocals as well as the calming effects layered throughout but most present at the start. The guitars and drums give us a chunky progressive sound that is sublimely thought-provoking. Small injections of pace ups the energy levels and allows all the elements to showcase a little more power. Not that the chugging riffs need any real encouragement but it’s nothing to complain about.

Soon Be Over slower guitar strumming, simple drum beat and melancholy vocals shifts and changes so subtly it’s barely noticeable on a surface level. Listen deeper and you’ll discover a wonderful layer of complexities, the sort that will bring most back for more as they attempt to pick it apart.

Finally we have Sleep Escape, a track that sees the vocals take on an even lighter sound to the point of them sounding other-worldly. The atmosphere builds in the guitars and drums too before erupting into a rockier and more energetic number. Not the strongest of the bunch but absolutely not lacking in quality either.


Deity’s Muse – Lungs Full Full Track Listing:

1. Still in Hiding
2. Soon Be Over
3. Sleep Escape




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Deity's Muse - Lungs Full (Turning Tricks Entertainment)
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