Album Review: Sacrilege – The Court of the Insane (Pure Steel Records)

Sacrilege are back with their 3rd album with Pure Steel Records since returning in 2012 after a break of 25 years.

The Court Of The Insane is the band’s 7th studio album since they were formed in 1982 by singer/songwriter/guitarist Bill Beadle. The album was recorded at Ascape studios in Bromley, Kent, U.K. and engineered, mixed and mastered by David Lear.

Sacrilege are an original UK based vintage heavy rock band covering songs spanning their 6 albums releases. They are currently signed to the Pure Steel Records label based in Germany. Their 7th album, titled “The Court of the Insane” is due out on August 2nd 2019.

Crack out the denim and leathers, it’s time to go back to the good old days of heavy metal. Way before we had fragmented the genre into so many different and confusing things.

Sacrilege’s The Court of the Insane is balls-out, old fashioned, horn-throwing and head-banging heavy metal in the vein of classic NWOBHM. We’re talking massive riffs, gothic-toned vocals with high flashes and plenty of guitar solos to boot. Think a cross between Rainbow and Judas Priest.

All of that is clear and present on the hefty tome that is the opener, Celestial City before the energy is upped for Lies. This track really gives off the Priest vibes but it is a banger.

The title track tells a great story about the miscarriages of justice, Bring Out Your Dead is suitably dark but wild and Depression is meaty synth gold. A trio of head-bangers but all unique in their own way.

With a lot of tracks going over the 5/6 minute mark, Sacrilege have a hell of a task to keep attentions but manage it by continuing to blend that classic metal sound with catchy hooks. It is genuinely infectious and the constant guitar chug playing off the weighty vocal style really is impressive. So much so that it turns run of the mill tracks like No Bequeath into a foot-tapper.

The album does begin to slow down in the latter half but we still get the weighty riffs and lyrics of Unhinged Mind, the hyper punch of I Can Hear the Silence and out and out heavy metal finale of Ride Free to close things out in style.

Sacrilege – The Court of the Insane Full Track Listing:

1. Celestial City
2. Lies
3. The Court Of The Insane
4. Bring Out Your Dead
5. Depression
6. No Bequeath
7. The Prophet
8. Unhinged Mind
9. I Can Hear The Silence
10. Ride Free


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Sacrilege - The Court of the Insane (Pure Steel Records)
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