Horror Movie Review: Intruder (1989)

Intruder is a surprisingly fun, tense and creative slasher horror. Directed by Scott Spiegel, the majority of the film takes place inside a closed supermarket at night. The staff are staying late to restock the shelves when leather jacket wearing bad-boy, Craig (David Byrnes) arrives to hassle his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer (Elizabeth Cox). She doesn’t want to talk to him causing a fight that ends up involving everyone in the store.

Intruder 2

A little bit of a cat and mouse game ensues as the group track Craig down and throw him out. This might seem an odd start to a slasher horror as it goes on a fair amount of time but it’s mainly to make sure the finger is well and truly pointed at Craig when the killing starts.

Intruder 3

Before that though the owners announce to the staff that the store is to be sold and everyone will lose their jobs. Why any of them bother to stay and stock shelves after this announcement beggars belief but it’s a good thing they do so we get a decent body count.

You see someone starts picking them off one by one in inventive and very graphic fashion. Who is the killer and will anyone survive their final shift?

Intruder 4

On paper, Intruder sounds like a basic slasher but it is actually really entertaining. A smart story that is really well paced delivers on all fronts. The acting is solid from most and the killer’s identity hidden well. Where Intruder really delivers though is with its kills. Now, being a low-budget horror there are issues such as clear moments when it stops being a person and becomes a dummy but they’re so much fun it really doesn’t matter. The blood is thrown around without a care in the world!

Intruder 5

Eventually it’s down to just one. The final girl and it is here we get our big reveal. One that is very satisfying and just makes the final moments of the movie all the more fun. An excellent ending caps off what is one of the better slashers within the genre. A seriously hidden gem.

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