Single Slam – Trouble by Five Finger Death Punch

American metal band, Five Finger Death Punch, have released a new single called Trouble. Trouble is expected to be one of two new songs to feature on the band’s greatest hits album due out later this year via Prospect Park. That album will be titled A Decade of Destruction.

You may have been aware the 5FDP and Prospect Park have spent the last year or so suing each other for various reasons. Those differences have been resolved now and the greatest hits album has been announced, along with news of  a brand new album next year. As well as their label issues, the band have had problems with front man, Ivan Moody’s struggles with substance abuse. This has led to him not showing for gigs, being rumoured to have quit the band and even to onstage arguments and walk offs with other band mates.

Those issues look to be a thing of the past now though with the label dispute resolved, Moody receiving support for his issues and new music arriving.

Alongside frontman and lead vocalist, Ivan Moody, 5FDP are Jason Hook on guitars and backing vocals. Also on guitar we have Zoltan Bathory and Chris Kael is on bass duties. Finally, Jeremy Spencer is on the drums.


Trouble was released via Spotify on the 27th of October and is 3 minutes and 12 seconds long. For those who already know Five Finger Death Punch, truthfully, there isn’t much that will differentiate this track from others. There is a lot of groove, some really strong riffing and blasting drums. The lyrics deal with Moody telling us that he is what he is, he won’t change. I am sure that with all the recent tough times, he means it.

Vocals are delivered in a more aggressive style during the verse and are sung through the chorus. There is also a pretty good solo though the predominant sound on the song is bassy heavy groove.

You can preview that new song below –

As a track it is fine but it is also exactly what you would expect from the band. There is nothing new here. No new avenues explored. No attempts to further themselves or the genre. Perhaps that is exactly what they need though – to settle down and get back to being them without all the drama. For those many, many die hard fans, I am sure they will love this track. It certainly won’t sway any of their doubters though. If I asked you to guess what a new Five Finger Death Punch sounded like, well you would probably come up with this exact song.

Speaking to SpazioRock about the new album, guitarist Jason Hook had the following to say –

“Everybody that’s heard the record so far thinks it’s our best record. I’m super excited about it. I thought we fucking knocked it out of the park. There’s some really cool, different things on there that are slightly different for us. There’s certainly a chunk of what you would expect from Five Finger Death Punch, but there’s some solid songs that are slightly outside of our regular box. But everyone thinks it’s a smash.”

You can pick up Trouble for yourself over at all the usual streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. You can also grab it, and more from the band at the Amazon links below. Preorder the new album, A Decade of Destruction, from here. Find out more about Five Finger Death Punch over at their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to give them a like and a follow while you are there.

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Trouble by Five Finger Death Punch
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