Album Review: V – Pathogenisis (Suicide Records)

Pathogenisis is the new album from V & is due out on November 8th 2017 via Suicide Records. A melodic journey through deep & brooding doom-laden darkness.

Pathogenisis 1

Dripping with oppressive atmosphere, Pathogenisis might only be six tracks long but it comes in at 42 minutes! Each song, a lengthy trip into the darkest pits of hell. The soft melody offsets the blackened metal vocals nicely on Souls of the Newly Departed with sudden increases in tempo darkening the mood nicely.

The slow doomy vibe continues throughout At the End of Your Time & the title track. The former having an eerie background tune while the guitar chugs away & the latter delivering a brooding melody led number with flashes of aggression.

If doomy blackened metal isn’t your thing then you’re unlikely to be sold on Pathogenisis as it stays true to the sub-genre with very few surprises. Not that it’s a problem though as V kick some serious butt here. Tracks like Perfect Predator Pattern & Suspended Animation are so easy to get into but are also incredibly layered & thought-provoking.

A solid piece of doomy metal finishes up with The Order, the longest & most inventive track of the album. The thumping bass & drums while the guitar wails in the background around the middle throughout to the finale is what really stands out.

Pathogenisis 2

V – Pathogenisis Full Track Listing:

1. Souls of the Newly Departed
2. At the End of Your Time
3. Pathogenisis
4. Perfect Predator Pattern
5. Suspended Animation
6. The Order

Pick up V’s releases over on Bandcamp & via Suicide Records store. You can find out more about V on their Facebook Page & keep up to date with Suicide Records’ news on their Facebook Page.


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V - Pathogenisis (Suicide Records)
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