Album Review: Devourer – Dawn of Extinction (Iron, Blood & Death Corp)

Out in March 2019, Dawn of Extinction is the new album from Swedish black/extreme metal band, Devourer. Founded by multi-instrumentalist John Falk (Sorcery, Krypteia, ex-In Aeternum, ex-Panzerschreck, exElit) in 2002. Vocalist Fredrik Håf (Patronymicon, Sordid Flesh, Krypteia, ex-Malicioum, exPanzerschreck) joined Devourer in 2007.

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Devourer released their first demo in 2003 and since then two full-length albums and a string of singles, EPs and videos has been released. Devourer produced every release themselves, except the video for Throne of Agony that was produced by the Amsterdam based film director and writer Rick van de Dood. The latest album, Across the Empty Plains, was released in 2017 through Iron, Blood & Death Corp. and you can read our review of it here.

From the moment The Sculpting Hands of Doom starts its comforting to see that Devourer have in no way mellowed since their last release. Building oppressive atmosphere, when it kicks in it is as black as ever. Thrilling, destructive and so very heavy, it’s a super strong start from a band that understands what it means to be extreme.

Devourer takes us to the brink of madness with an absolutely feral level of intensity on Beast of Famine. It’s utterly mind-destroying but has this wonderful undercurrent of rhythm that just gets the head-banging. It’s wild, it’s brutal and it’s so exciting.

Something at humanity’s core makes this level of brutality so appealing. It calls to the beast demanding you satisfy your lust for blood and destruction. Nihil is the fire that burns inside, Redemptive Suicide is the call reaching its crescendo and Evighetens Bila is us giving ourselves over to hate and horror. An amazing set of tracks.

We’re not out of the woods just yet though as Devourer bring even more extreme heaviness to the forefront with Narconemesis. The thump of the bass and drums ringing throughout the skull before a final double of Conjuring the Cleansing Inferno and Of God’s Ruin finish an exceptional release off in the only way Devourer know how. Bloodlust sated, all you can do is look at the carnage created and feel no remorse.

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Devourer – Dawn of Extinction Full Track Listing:

1. The Sculpting Hands of Doom
2. Beast of Famine
3. Nihil
4. Redemptive Suicide
5. Evighetens Bila
6. Narconemesis
7. Conjuring the Cleansing Inferno
8. Of God’s Ruin

You’ll be able to pick up the album via Iron, Blood & Death Corp in here and can pick up earlier releases over on Bandcamp & via Devourer’s official website here. Make sure you check them out on FacebookTwitter & YouTube!

Devourer - Dawn of Extinction (Iron, Blood & Death Corp)
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