Top 10 Final Destination Franchise Deaths

There have been a lot of deaths in the Final Destination franchise. Even more if you include the premonitions sequence too. The contrived & elaborate death scenes have made the series extremely successful & they’re all anyone thinks of when they hear the words, Final Destination.

Final Destination Deaths 1

You can read our reviews of all five films below.

2000 – Final Destination
2003 – Final Destination 2
2006 – Final Destination 3
2009 – The Final Destination
2011 – Final Destination 5

This top 10 isn’t a critique of the movies. These are our favourite deaths of all five movies, the ones that we think stand out as the most memorable, shocking & exciting. The rule is simple, the deaths could not be part of any of the premonition sequences. These are the deaths that actually happened.

10 – Olivia (Final Destination 5)

In a film really lacking in memorable deaths, this is often the one people remember the most. Olivia goes in for laser eye surgery. She is set up under the machine with her head tightly secured and her right eyelid is held open with a speculum. It’s at this time the doctor has to quickly pop out to get her correct file.

This is when Death decides to act knocking over a cup of water that spills onto the laser unit causing it to activate & reach an intense power. Olivia tries to reach for the emergency stop button but ends up accidentally activating it & getting lasered in the eye, her hand & then her eye again. Blinded, she manages to free herself before stumbling over a teddy bears eye & falling out the window to her death.

The scene ends with her eye rolling out of her head to be run over by a passing car. Nasty.

It’s one of silliest deaths of the entire series. Though the laser eye surgery idea is something that will make many people shift a little uncomfortably.

9 – Candice (Final Destination 5)

Unnecessarily dragged out, what makes this such a good kill in the end is the visual of her shattered & crumpled body. Coming quite early on, it might not have as much impact as some of the later deaths but it will certainly make you wince.

Candice is practicing her gymnastic moves on several different pieces of equipment. It creates tension by having her skip & almost step on a small screw as she uses the balance beam. However, that’s not meant for her, instead her death comes as she swings on a horizontal bar. Blinded by grip dust she is distracted by the scream of another person. Someone who steps on the screw resulting in Candice landing extremely poorly.

Final Destination Deaths 5


She stuck the landing!

8 – Hunt (The Final Destination)

One of the blandest characters in the entire series gets one of the most gruesome deaths.


When trying to retrieve his lucky coin from a now active pool draining pump, Hunt is sucked into the drain butt first. Unable to move he desperately tries to scream for help to no avail before his insides are sucked out of his ass killing him.

The visual of his guts being shot out of the poolside pump alongside his lucky coin is one that will raise a smile.


7 – Erin (Final Destination 3)

Erin is such a forgettable character that even her death is built up as someone else’s first. The entire sequence is based around the character of Ian as he argues with the leads about the possibility of Death hunting them. He causes a box to fall off a shelf that starts a slow-moving forklift that eventually leads to him being saved at the last second. Unfortunately for Erin she is next on the list & ends up taking high-powered nails to the face from a close-range nail gun.

Final Destination Deaths 8

It may not sound particularly good but the visual of the nails punching into her skull while she jerks in pain is really hard to watch.

6 – Rory (Final Destination 2)

A death that shares similarities to Erin’s above, in that it happens so fast & comes off the back of another character’s end. After the character Kat dies, she drops a lit cigarette that ignites a trail of gas that blows up a van.

The force of the explosion launches a wired fence towards him cutting his body in three. It’s sudden & shocking but also avoids a complicated setup resulting in a really satisfying death.

Final Destination Deaths 9

5 – Brian (Final Destination 2)

The final death of the second movie is so unexpected it’s near brilliant. Brian isn’t even part of the main cast, instead he is someone that Rory saves just before he is brutally killed. He’s a character you’ll completely forget about so during the final scene when his mother reveals his lucky escape & we see the BBQ explode, it’s a genuine shock. The explosion is huge, killing him & dropping his arm onto his mother’s dinner plate.

4 – Billy (Final Destination)

Often the best deaths in the series are the ones with very little build. Billy’s death comes during all the focus being on the other characters. The group manage to avoid getting hit by the train in the first movie. We then see a sharp piece of metal on the track wobble under the force of the passing train.

Billy stands above the characters shouting about how they are all already dead. The piece of metal shakes then gets knocked into the air with force decapitating Billy. This sequence is about 30 seconds long max & packs some serious punch.

Final Destination Deaths 12

With the focus being on the other characters, it is a shocking death as it really does come out of nowhere. The brief shots of the metal shaking under the force of the train as it passes tells you something bad is going to happen & it doesn’t disappoint.

3 – Ashley/Ashlyn (Final Destination 3)

What makes this such a special double death is just how horrible the scenario is. It’s probably one of the most convoluted of the entire series. Almost to the point of hilarity but the end result is so gruesome it deserves this position.

Ashley & Ashlyn are getting tans but end up getting trapped inside the beds with the temperature getting higher & higher. Their realisation that they are trapped & the panic that sets in is one thing, the imagery of their bodies blistering, the glass breaking before flames shoot out of the beds is another.

Brutal because unlike many on this list, it’s not quick. They suffer.

2 – Tim (Final Destination 2)

That Tim is killed by a falling pane of glass is one thing. However, the fact that Tim is only 15 is even better. Amazingly the writers wanted him to be even younger but the studio said no!

One of the better setups suggests that he will die in the dentist’s chair & he kind of comes close after almost choking on a toy. However, that’s not the plan for Tim. Pay attention to the birds that keep hitting the window, they are important.

Final Destination Deaths 15

The shot of his body crumpling up under a massive pane of glass. One that is dropped from height onto him is fantastic. It looks great, it’s gory & his mother’s reaction is so memorable.

Terry – (Final Destination)

As said above, the best deaths in the Final Destination franchise are the ones that come out of nowhere. Ones that often have very little setup. Terry takes the number one spot even though hers is not the most brutal. After arguing with the rest of the cast, she turns to go & completely out of nowhere gets absolutely flattened by a bus. It’s a jump scare moment that works & that we then see the bus continuing to fly down the road out of control makes it all the more real. This sort of thing could happen to anybody.

Final Destination Deaths 16

This moment shocked every person watching this movie for the first time & even on repeated viewing it’s still an incredibly well-done scene.

So, what is your favourite Final Destination kill?

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