Horror Movie Review: Islamic Exorcist (2017)

There have been an absolute gluttony of ‘exorcism’ style movies over the last decade. So, getting anything better than an eye roll takes some doing. Islamic Exorcist does grab the attention with its title, for better or worse. The idea of the classic horror trope being used within the Islamic faith is intriguing. Regardless it’s still a horror style that has been beaten to a bloody pulp. You can hope for an original idea but you shouldn’t expect it.

Islamic Exorcist is not an original idea in the slightest & is dogged by horrific English audio sync but is surprisingly entertaining thanks to some classy acting.

Islamic Exorcism 2

Directed by Faisal Saif & starring Kavita Radheshyam and Nirab Hossain. Islamic Exorcist tells the story of Indian couple who are forced to confront the reality that their young daughter may have been possessed by an evil spirit.

The story is being told to a reporter who isn’t exactly convinced by the tale but it does lead to a shocking & impressive finale. Kavita Radheshyam absolutely kills it here. She is such an impressive actress lifting the movie out of the doldrums of the basic plot & making it so watchable.

Islamic Exorcist 3

The rest of the cast are decent but as mentioned above the terrible English dubbing job that is hilariously out of sync makes them seem worse than they are!

Being an exorcism movie you can expect scare attempts. However, in a pleasant surprise Islamic Exorcist has some really effective moments. We’re not talking jump scares either, we’re talking sinister & creepy moments. All enhanced by some great cinematography.

Islamic Exorcist 4

If all of that wasn’t enough to convince you that this is a movie worth checking out then how about its use of practical effects! Applause all round for the director avoiding CGI. Especially when there are plenty of moments where many would have chosen to use it.

It’s not original in anyway but Islamic Exorcist is an impressive offering that has good acting, good visuals, a well told story & even a few chills!

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Islamic Exorcist
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