EP Review: Rawtism – Raw And Off Its Head (Self Released)

Australian thrash attack Rawtism are set to unleash their brand-new EP Raw and Off Its Head on the 12th June 2021.

Lets freaking thrash! Trash hard with Rawtism and their anthemic blasts of head-banging speed. Kicking off with the most anthemic track of all – Go Rawtistic! Unashamed in its straight up, no nonsense thrash attack.

Which makes the following Thrasher’s Endurance (double the length almost) even more excessive. The title being very accurate, how often do you see thrash metal tracks passing the 6-minute mark? Impressively though, Rawtism hold the attention with heart-racing riffs, hair-raising solos and a thumping and nasty groove courtesy of the percussion and vocals.

Although it’s not like the rest of EP tracks are short bursts either. You’ll Get What’s Coming is nice and noisy, the galloping rhythm knocking the dust off the thrash sound. Stay Metal is (unsurprisingly) ballsy and brash while BYHASTFU is a snarky, tongue in cheek, one-two punch of speed and ‘fuck you’ attitude.

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It’s a rocking cover of Dire Straits’ Sultans of Swing that brings the EP to an end. Not the sort of track you might expect to hear on an EP that is all about a middle finger to ‘poseurs’. However, it’s a lot of fun and Rawtism certainly put their own spin on it.

Rawtism – Raw and Off Its Head Full Track Listing:

1. Go Rawtistic!
2. Thrasher’s Endurance
3. You’ll Get What’s Coming
4. Stay Metal
6. Sultans of Swing (Dire Straits Cover)


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Rawtism - Raw And Off Its Head (Self Released)
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