Single Slam: Ministry of Defence by Pathos & Logos

Pathos & Logos. Featuring members of The Caveat, they are an instrumental metal power-duo from Colorado (USA) that fuses the polyrhythmic elements of Meshuggah with the clean chord progressions of The Police.

Following on from two previous singles, Mergers & Acquisitions (read our review here) and Captains of Industry (read our review here) we now have Ministry of Defence. Out on the 21st June 2019 via Digital Empire Media.

The cover art features symbols that are unique to their own language called “Weaver’s Cant” and was scribed in blood for this piece.

Ministry Pic 1

Is there really any doubt that this is just going to be another absolute banger from Pathos & Logos? Could it reach the quality highs of the previous two tracks though? Even if it was half as good as either of them it is guaranteed to be great.

It’s not half as good as those. It’s as good, if not as better. Ministry of Defence is Pathos & Logos throwing off the shackles of expectation, having already proven to not be a one-trick pony. This is a sublime piece of music, a sublime piece of metal that excites in ways that metal can and should. It’s not just an exceptionally well put together track, it’s a showcase of instrumental power and challenges the mind while simultaneously demanding you bang your head as hard as possible.

Just short of 5 and a half minutes long, the moment it ends you’ll be hitting repeat. Then again and again and again and again…

The blast-beats of the drums as well as the short-term drops that has the guitar erupt in such style it’s like it is signalling the end of the world is phenomenal. The depth of the bass keeps things routed in the heavy side of things whereas the guitar lightens the load with wonderfully conducted melodies.

The duo have done amazing work so far. So to call this the best track they’ve done so far is a little bit of an injustice to those tracks. They’re all so damn good, it’s now getting down to personal favourites and nitpicking. What a wonderful situation to be in, having a band producing such top shelf material that the difference between each track is minuscule.

Pathos & Logos have done it again. Wow.


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Ministry of Defence by Pathos & Logos
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