EP Review: Turkey Vulture – Boxer (Self Released)

Americana-inspired metal with a punk edge might not be the first thing you affiliate with southern Connecticut, but such is the daily bread of Turkey Vulture. A band named for a majestic if reviled scavenger, this hard hitting duo is out for blood. They fuse the sounds of Motorhead with Social Distortion by way of The White Stripes and even Dolly Parton. Belting out anthems that protest the suffering of our modern age, Turkey Vulture is New England’s latest punk rock hope.

The band is preparing to release their debut EP, Boxer: a two song affair recorded by frontwoman Jessie May’s Owl Maker bandmate Simon Tuozzoli at his studio UP Recording. It will be released on the 28th June 2019.

Vulture 2

Quite an unusual listen because the two tracks that make up Boxer have plenty of the heavy and filth to it but with a nasty and grungy punk edge. Thrashy guitars, thumping drums and gut-rumbling bass is the name of the game and the game is good. Just not too sure about those vocals. Sure, they’re very punk but they seem to be at odds with the rough and tumble metal.

Of the two tracks, it is Boxer that is far more enjoyable but both have a bit of tongue in cheek punkish groove to them. You can certainly see the likes of Turkey Vulture causing chaos in a filthy underground club. However, as fun as the idea of a punk/metal hybrid cover of Dolly Parton’s Jolene might be, it’s just not a great track.

Turkey 1

Turkey Vulture – Boxer Full Track Listing:

1. Boxer
2. Jolene (Dolly Parton Cover)


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Turkey Vulture - Boxer (Self Released)
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