Single Slam – Burn With Me by Tau Cross (Messengers of Deception)

International rock super group, Tau Cross, return with the first single from their brand new album. This is Burn With Me, from the album, Messengers of Deception.

Tau Cross will release their 3rd album, Messengers of Deception, on the 9th of August via Relapse Records.

Tau Cross are an international rock supergroup, consisting of Rob Miller of England’s Amebix, Michel Langevin of Canada’s Voivod, Jon Misery, Tom Radio and Andy Lefton of America’s Misery, Frustration and War//Plague, respectively, and James Adams. The band debuted in 2015 with their self titled album. I only came across them in 2017 with their follow up. The mostly excellent Pillar of Fire. An expansive album that is based often in punk rock but sees them really push genre boundaries. Especially with some exciting guitar work and vocal styles.

Burn With Me

That is pretty much where their style sits too. With bands like Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Killing Joke and Pink Floyd cited as influences, Tau Cross really come from the hard rock, crust punk side of things but with a creative flourish. Or at least they did two years ago. Let’s see what, if anything, has changed with the band and this first single, Burn With Me.

Burn with Me is a little under 4 minutes in length and is a bit more straightforward in style than a lot of what was heard on Pillar of Fire a couple years back. It starts off expansive and exciting with wicked drums and a high toned guitar sound. That turns into a huge slide before switching to a rhythmic section with punchy drums and a rocking riff. The vocals kick in alongside a bass heavy, rumbling riff. I guess the biggest surprise for me was how Burn With Me kind of sticks with the same style then, for the rest of the song. There are moments where the vocals switch up to different tones. Differently styled deliveries.

Musically though it carries on the same rumbling riff and quick but loose drumming through to the end. There is a very recognisable punk edge to the song. There is also a large dollop of hard rock giving the overall track a real Motorhead vibe.

Burn With Me is a little different to what was heard on Pillar of Fire in that it seems more simplistic overall. It starts off quite expansive with the rhythmic drum patterns and screaming guitar slide but settles into a pretty straightforward punk rock song. Not that that’s a bad thing. Not every song needs to be boundary shattering. Sometimes it’s fine to just write a good, punchy rock song and that’s really what you get here.

Check out the track list for Messengers of Deception below –

1. Yaldabaoth
2. Hollow Earth
3. Black Cadillac
4. The Sidhe
6. Messengers of Deception
7. The Red Shield
8. Burn With Me
9. Drowning the God
10. Night of Stars
11. Three Tides (or the Trial and Execution of Pyrat John Belamie and Sea Wytch Annabel Green)
12. Sorrow Draws the Plough

Check out Burn With Me now on all the usual streaming platforms. You can preorder the album from Relapse Records by following the link or from Tau Cross on Bandcamp here.

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Burn With Me by Tau Cross (Messengers of Deception)
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