Single Slam: Mergers & Acquisitions by Pathos & Logos

Pathos & Logos. Featuring members of The Caveat, they are an instrumental metal power-duo from Colorado (USA) that fuses the polyrhythmic elements of Meshuggah with the clean chord progressions of The Police.

They will release their brand-new single, Mergers & Acquisitions on the 1st of January 2019 after recently releasing Black Budget.

Woah. What a track this is. Heavy as anything but with these short passages of clean rhythm that breaks the 6 minutes apart wonderfully. It’s as simple as it is complex, winding through the body like a huge tapeworm.

Immediately as the guitars hit, the wild rhythm takes hold and you’re in. It doesn’t take long for the first melodic drop before it builds back up all while retaining this uplifting feel. The chunkiness of the heavy portions is so good and before it’s even half over, we have here a bar setting track for 2019.

Pathos & Logos are far from done though as Mergers & Acquisitions takes us in a lighter and more emotionally affecting direction. Wonderfully morose melody, it seems as though we’ve reached the end but no, these guys are just reaching their apex wrapping up a phenomenal track with groove and rhythm that will put the silliest smile on faces who are looking for 2019 metal to really change the game.

We have that already with Pathos & Logos. Wow.

The single will be available via all major streaming and digital services including Spotify. Keep up to date with news of future releases by liking Pathos and Logos Facebook Page.


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Mergers & Acquisitions by Pathos & Logos
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