Weekly Release Roundup – Friday 26th April, 2024

From noisy powerviolence to manic grind, to progressive metal and anthemic rock, to alternative and death metal, it’s a big week for releases and we’ve got a list for you to check out. All these releases are out today!

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ACxDC – G.O.A.T. (Prosthetic Records)

A seventeen-track bout of eye-watering and ear-bleeding noise that combines the best (and worst) of powerviolence, grind, and punk. It’s a beast of a record, that much is going to be clear from just a cursory listen, but what might surprise is that it’s darker and deeper than most would expect.

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Godeth – The Path Of Destruction (Self Released)

The rise of Godeth continues with aplomb, having wowed many when they performed at Bloodstock 2023 and now, likely to wow even more with this very strong EP. Featuring six varied slabs of heavy, Godeth aim to showcase the very best they have to offer here and they nail it.

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Full of Hell – Coagulated Bliss (Closed Casket Activities)

Full of Hell are back, and while they are as horribly intense as ever, this album comes with a deeper focus on song-writing. The chaos is still there, don’t be fooled, but there are so many clear attempts to make this a tighter and more absorbing listen.

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Black Tusk – The Way Forward (Season of Mist)

Reinvigorated and ready to show what they can do now; Black Tusk return with an absolute banger of an album. A high energy, sludgy, punky, groovy, and riffy album that delivers passion and excitement.

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My Favourite Nemesis – We Annihilate (Seek and Strike)

My Favourite Nemesis - We Annihilate artwork

In all of the tracks, there is quite a lot going on, but it works and the structure of the songs makes for an exciting listen. You find your attention held throughout the whole of a track, and the whole of We Annihilate. My Favourite Nemesis look like having a big future ahead of them.

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Thumos – Atlantis (Snow Wolf Records)

In life they say only two things are certain – death and taxes. This isn’t true, because there is a third. Which simply states that if Thumos have new music, it is going to be stunning.

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Cold Years – A Different Life (MNRK Heavy)

An album focused on anthemic rock, with elements of pop-punk dashed in here and there, Cold Years have worked hard to craft an album filled with singalongs. Music that is deliciously infectious, music that has plenty of heart, and music that comes from a soulful place. Their attempts are a resounding success as this is an album, from beginning to end, that embodies the word ‘anthemic’.

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Chaos Doctrine – Bellum (Self Released)

Promising to leave scorched earth in its wake. A promise that is well and truly delivered upon with this head-banger of an album.

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Edit The Tide – Reflections In Sound (Self Released)

It doesn’t get much more palatable for a wider rock audience then this, and while that might make you grimace, you’d be a fool to not experience the delightful alternative rock accessibility that this debut EP has.

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Accept – Humanoid (Napalm Records)

Legends for a reason, Accept are back and like everyone expects, they have brought reasons to head-bang with them. Humanoid is the Accept of old, to some degree, but it’s so far from a rethread of their greatest hits. It’s an album packed with riffs, big beats, heavy rhythms, epic vocal hooks, and so much more.

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Deicide – Banished By Sin (Reigning Phoenix Music)

At this stage of their career, being able to deliver something so repulsively heavy is impressive. That it is a damn fine album overall is worthy of celebration. Don’t expect anything game-changing and you won’t be disappointed.

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Squidge – Tough Luck (Self Released)

Call it what you want; emo rock, pop punk, pop rock, sad songs for sad people, something we can all agree on is that the music of Squidge is mightily infectious and mightily lovable.

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