Album Review: Archangel A.D. – Warband (Self Released)

Archangel A.D represent the new wave of thrash metal bands. They may not have been present for the sub-genre’s rise, but they certainly channel it as part of the newest generation of thrash and heavy metal bands. Their second release Warband is a throwback to a heyday that hasn’t aged a bit, packed full of metal, thrashing mad.

The album will be released on CD on Jan 11th 2019. The album is already out digitally via Bandcamp.

Warband 2

Need an old-school thrash fix? Been waiting patiently for an album that takes the best of the big-4 sound in the 80s and filters it through a modern sieve? Looking for something fast and heavy but uncomplicated?

Great! Archangel A.D and their new album Warband will deliver all of that for you but not a lot else. Not that we really need much more then their brand of rough, denim wearing and long-haired thrash anyway.

A satisfying listen that has plenty of merit with the riffs, screeching solos and gruff vocal style. Blightning and Evil Dreams are both stellar examples of how Archangel A.D hold their own against thrash’s best. That being said, it’s hard to get too excited about it as there isn’t enough variation, something that often comes with being a thrash band.

Warband 1

Archangel A.D – Warband Full Track Listing:

1. Unto the Evil
2. Blightning
3. Warband
4. Enter the Temple (Instrumental)
5. Evil Dreams
6. Metal Horde



You can pick up the album via Bandcamp here and find out more over on Facebook.


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Archangel A.D. - Warband (Self Released)
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