Single Slam – Cold by Korn (The Nothing)

Korn return with their second single from their incoming new album called The Nothing. This song is called Cold.

The Nothing is due out on the 13th of September this year via Epic/Immortal Records and will be the bands 13th studio album. We have already had a taster from the new album with the first single released. That song is called You’ll Never Find Me and you can read the full review of it here. It was a good start. Not great but good. The Bakersfield boys sound like they have recaptured a bit of their old form, continuing on in the vein of their last release, 2016’s The Serenity of Suffering. That was the album that saw the band move away from dubstep and back towards metal after a few years of utter shite.


Cold sees them continue on the righteous path thankfully. Cold is under the 4 minute mark and has some sort exciting stuff going on. Frontman Jonathon Davis hits some really strong darker vocal tones while we are treated to pretty Korn typical riffing and drum patterns. It starts off with a crunchy little riff before a speedily delivered vocal section. There is a little bit of a slower verse with some electronica backing that give me a little shiver as I remember the bad days but it is short lived.

It is followed by some really dark vocals and a huge bass led riff. Delivered demonically, it builds until we hit a really good chorus. One of their best in years I personally think. We get a repeat of this all for a second go round. The dark vocals in the prechorus are no less impressive this second time. A few repeats of the banging chorus leads us back into  a quick and heavy vocal section with loads of backing. This plays through until the end which comes with a sudden stop.

I have been waiting for Korn to recapture my imagination and their magic for a long time and I think Cold is the closest they have come in a decade or more. This is a great song. Good riffs, if not a bit typical. The drums are great and there are lashings of bass but it is JD’s vocal performance that sticks with you. The quicker section, the darker prechorus – they are just fantastic. Throw an absolute cracker of a chorus into the mix and you have a Korn song that leaves me genuinely excited for the new album. The Nothing is certainly shaping up to be something.

Cold is available now on all the usual streaming platforms. You can preorder The Nothing from all different sources by following this link. You can also check out their merch bundles for preorder from here.


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Cold by Korn (The Nothing)
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