Single Slam – You’ll Never Find Me by Korn (The Nothing)

Korn are back with a brand new single called You’ll Never Find Me which will feature on the band’s 13th studio album, The Nothing.

The Nothing will be released on the 13th of September this year via Epic/Immortal Records and follows their 2016 release, The Serenity of Suffering. Read our thoughts on that one here. I have had a troubled relationship with Korn over my life. I was a huge fan of the Bakersfield boys for more than half of it. A couple albums that lacked in quality where followed by a dubstep period and Jonathon Davis denouncing all things metal. That bothered me a lot. So much so that I gave up on them and struggled to even listen to old Korn songs that all felt tainted. Still, time goes by and Korn stopped denouncing metal and I do get excited, a little, when they are releasing new music. Though modern Korn, for me, has yet to recapture that magic they held in their earlier years. Let’s see how this one goes.

You'll Never Find Me

You’ll Never Find Me is just over 4 and a half minutes long and doesn’t exactly smash it out of the park. It all starts well enough with the familiar down tuned crunch of a riff followed by a higher pitched part. It sounds really familiar actually, like a slowed down Good God from Life is Peachy days. Anyway, it’s a good start. The groove laden riff is great and the drums come through crystal clear blasting little fills and rhythmic sections. It just never really takes off from here.

The verse comes in with Jonathon Davis singing in subdued fashion over the same intro riff. From there it tails off to whispered vocals over a barely audible melody. This allows the chorus to have a bit more impact as it jumps back in with powerful guitars and increased vocal intensity. It is a good chorus to be fair. The second chorus ends into a bit of a Korn styled breakdown with sped up drums and crunching guitars while JD repeats “I’m lost, you’ll never find me”. Another chorus comes in before it returns to this heavier section. As it fades out, we get some grunts and groans in the background, sounding like JD is struggling in the toilet.

You’ll Never Find Me is so typical a Korn song, it’s hard to not find yourself hearing their other works in it. That’s not really their fault I guess. This is their style and you can hardly criticise them for sounding like themselves but it does leave little room for surprise or excitement. It’s just another okay Korn song. It does have a great main riff and the chorus is solid but outside of that, I found my mind wandering through boredom. Let’s hope for something a little more new, unique and fresh from them on future singles and on The Nothing.

You’ll Never Find Me is available now on all the usual streaming platforms. You can preorder The Nothing from all different sources by following this link. You can also check out their merch bundles for preorder from here.


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You’ll Never Find Me by Korn (The Nothing)
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