Single Slam: Serpentine by Oracle

Ahead of their Bloodstock 2018 appearance and following their conquering of the Belfast Metal 2 The Masses competition, groove metallers Oracle have unleashed a brand-new single called, Serpentine.

Serpentine is about the elite that control our lives and mindsets, it’s about struggling with society, and the depression that comes with day to day life. In today’s political climate there is mass confusion and increased restrictions on freedom of speech. Serpentine is a metaphor for the mental prison that many find themselves in and how it can be conquered with awareness.



Hold on tight, Oracle are looking to blow you away with Serpentine. A 5+ minute track that is both a continuation and progression from the EP, Tales of Pythia. It rages with intensity as the groove metal is fired off at an eye-watering pace all while the vocals bring down destruction upon the earth.

This is a seriously heavy track but it’s got some much exciting rhythm that the head is banging whether you like it or not. This is a track that is going to get the pits opening up wide when played live.

Just when you think you’ve heard everything the harsh riffing and bludgeoning drums have to offer; the beat drops low and even dirtier to bring about some of the most disgusting guttural howls heard so far. Picking back up after the bass and drums lead for a few seconds, the roar of “Serpentine, you’re mine” is hair-raising stuff.

Fuck yeah. This is how you do groove metal.

You can read our review of Tales of Pythia here. Find out more about Oracle by going to their Facebook Page and following them on Twitter. Pick up their music over on BandcampSpotify and check out their videos over on YouTube.

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Serpentine by Oracle
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