EP Review: Elektric Mistress – Turn To Grey (Self Released)

Looking to witness a true retro psychedelic synth rock experience with a progressive edge? Look no further because Elektric Mistress is here to deliver! Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Elektric Mistress covers a wide spectrum of sonic grooves and influences from the early pioneers of heavy riff rock such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd. Take a deep breath and ride the wave through a hypnotic haze of electric highs and sedated tones to take you back in time and return again.


Comprised of Kieran Richardson (bass), Kyle Cantfell (guitar), Steve Poole (vocals), Riley MacDonald (keys),  and Vic Canales (drums), Elektric Mistress began their journey through oblivion in 2018, creating a unique soundscape of stoner rock ignited with crunchy, groovy guitar riffs, bombastic drums, dirty keys, choice bass licks and loud and raspy vocals. This deadly combination is already starting to pay off for Elektric Mistress, having already played a handful of local shows and performing at Maritime Metal and Hard Rock Festival 2018.

For those keen to experience what can best be described as ‘smoke rings in a blizzard’ the band’s debut self titled EP is set for release this coming summer 2019 on July 19th.

With an ominous as hell intro, the first track on the this three-track EP is certainly the most expansive and progressive of the bunch. It dissolves quickly into trippy psych rock that builds towards something that can certainly be called unique. The 70s vibe doesn’t just come from the riffs either, with the clean vocals having a real early rock years sound to them.

It’s a wonderfully chill first track but also shows the scope of the bands imagination. Effective, interesting and exciting. Exactly as the following Cuba Time is too. Way shorter but even bouncier, the medley of guitar in the latter half is the stuff rock dreams are made of.

Then it’s on to the last track of the EP, Meeting of the Minds. The synth and bass rumble mixing well together to give this a darker and deeper edge. By the end, it’s taken on a real trippy mellow edge that is comforting but not without the expectation of one final rockier push. Which of course comes in no short order.

Love it, with all its synthy rock goodness.

Elektric 1

Elektric Mistress – Elektric Mistress Full Track Listing:

1. Turn to Grey
2. Cuba Time
3. Meeting of the Minds


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Elektric Mistress - Turn To Grey (Self Released)
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