Horror Short Review: She Must Vanish (2019)

One of our favourite horror short directors is back with another offering called She Must Vanish. Written and directed by Kyle Martellacci (The Scarlet Vultures/Eve of the Nutcracker), this supernatural horror comes from Red Razor Pictures.

Wonderfully shot, She Must Vanish is a mesmerising watch. From the very moment were introduced to Mia (Anne-Carolyne Binette), it has an other-worldly feel. As though we’re watching something dream-like.

The sharpness of reality is brought in as the camera reveals Mia has killed a man & removed his heart. Why? Well, Mia is a witch. A witch off to meet her next victim, someone who has sought her out.

On her way to meet him, Mia meets an elderly woman who seems friendly but warns her that the town she is in isn’t quite what it seems. Not that Mia cares, she’s a confident woman and undeterred. However, she may soon come to regret this.

She must Vanish is an excellent piece of work. From the gorgeous landscapes and how it is shot. To the excellent performances to the slow burn of a story that pays off in impressive fashion.

The short will hypnotise, all who watch coming under the spell of Mia and her goals. The final, horrifying shot of the film is exceptional.


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She Must Vanish (2019)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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