Album Review: Exhorder – Mourn The Southern Skies (Nuclear Blast)

Exhorder made its long-awaited return last year with a string of reunion shows and festival appearances and is now launching a full-on comeback with “Mourn The Southern Skies”.

Their first album in 27 years, “Mourn The Southern Skies”, on September 20 via Nuclear Blast Records.

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Thrash f**king metal. That’s what Exhorder deliver here on their return. A ten track album of ferocious metal that burns with intensity. Skull-crushing riffs, meaty percussion and roaring vocals, My Time declares Exhorder’s intent.

There is no stopping them and while metal may have evolved since their last release, thrash is thrash and Exhorder play thrash. Very, very well.

The head-banger of Asunder, the power behind the riffs and vocals proves that time hasn’t dampened Exhorder’s fire. The no-nonsense approach of Beware the Wolf that would sound solid no matter the era it was released. Or the massive riff-tastic groove effort of Yesterday’s Bones, the first half of the album nails what it is to be a thrash band in 2019 and shows Exhorder aren’t willing to be left behind.

Of course, the second half isn’t an about turn for the thrashers. All She Wrote is the chunky bile emerging from the stomach during a bad vomiting session. Rumination is the sound of bones breaking as Exhorder joyfully snap away. The Arms of Man is a lower tempo crawl of furious hate and Ripping Flesh is an incredibly apt for title for a track that rips and tears.

The non-stop ferocity of the album is balanced and it doesn’t overstay its welcome. Although some may raise an eyebrow upon seeing a finale that is nearly 10 minutes long. Don’t worry though, it flies by as Exhorder showcase a bit more of a mellow side to them, albeit briefly before increasing the tempo a bit and having the instruments met out destructive thrash groove. It’s a powerful finale.

Exhorder are back and goodness, do they return with a bang.

Exhorder – Mourn The Southern Skies Full Track Listing:

1. My Time
2. Asunder
3. Hallowed Sound
4. Beware The Wolf
5. Yesterday’s Bones
6. All She Wrote
7. Rumination
8. The Arms Of Man
9. Ripping Flesh
10. Mourn The Southern Skies



Exhorder - Mourn The Southern Skies (Nuclear Blast)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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