Album Review: Ashborn – Awakening (Self Released)

Ashborn formed in the second half of 2017 and are made up of musicians that have many years experience from previous bands such as Ghost, Grin & Dierevers.

Having turned a lot of heads when they played Bloodstock Open Air in 2018 and gigging relentlessly ever since. Ashborn are now ready to release their new album, Awakening. Out on September 28th 2019.


A cold and haunting piano melody sets the tone nicely. Ashborn are looking to ensure you remember this album and remember their name. Few could argue that by time it ends they haven’t accomplished that completely.

Beastly drums and riffs combine to send Monster into a tailspin. The aggressive stance and blistering assault barely contained. This is how you get attentions as the fire in Ashborn’s bellies comes roaring out to consume everyone and everything.

Such a blast, Crushed Ant keeps the tempo so high. The fury behind Ashborn’s motivations not abating as they deliver squealing guitars and head-crushing breakdowns. If the Walls Could Speak and Light That Creates Darkness certainly don’t see them take their foot off the gas. In fact, the latter of the two is eye-wateringly intense. The speed of the riffing and drums alongside the booming bass and furious vocals is phenomenal. A track to lose your mind too.

Heck, there isn’t a single track on here to not lose your mind too even when the tempo is a little restrained such as on Awakening From Death and This is Slowly Killing Us. Mind you, the latter has these powerful meaty injections of pace and ferocity.

We Are Going to Die rounds off the album before the two bonus tracks. A return to the hyper-active rhythm with exciting guitar groove wrapped up in a chunky level of heaviness. As exciting and wild as anything heard so far on the album.

Ashborn have really delivered here.


Ashborn – Awakening Full Track Listing:

1. Mute
2. Monster
3. Crushed Ant
4. If the Walls Could Speak
5. Light That Creates Darkness
6. Awakening From Death
7. This is Slowly Killing Us
8. We Are Going to Die
9. Every Word (Bonus Track)
10. When Darkness Comes (Bonus Track)


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Album Review: Ashborn – Awakening (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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