Horror Short Review: Eve of the Nutcracker (2016)

Eve of the Nutcracker is a short Christmas horror written, directed and edited by Kyle Martellacci. The short stars Stephanie Moran, Kyle Martellacci himself & Clayton Millette.

It’s Christmas Eve & Oliva notices an extra gift under her Christmas tree. She pulls it out & sees that it’s for her from ‘Santa’. Opening it she finds an odd-looking nutcracker doll inside. Thinking little of it she puts it on her mantlepiece, puts a Christmas tune on the record player & sits down for a drink.

Then she notices the nutcracker has gone.

Nutcracker 3

It seems as though every time she turns her back, it ends up somewhere different. Suitably freaked out she decides to throw it outside in the snow & then there is a knock on the door.

To say anymore would spoil the freaky & satisfying payoff. Eve of the Nutcracker is a great horror short, one that embraces Christmas while staying truly horrifying.

At 6 minutes long & with very little dialogue, Stephanie Moran does a great job of conveying a frustrated & unhappy young woman. Without saying a word it’s clear she’s not in a good place with her boyfriend/partner something that is later confirmed while talking to a friend.

The mournful Christmas tunes against the snow outside, the colourfully lit house & roaring fire is reminiscent of holiday slashers of old. Here, it’s far more modern looking with some great camera work designed specifically for us to see something Oliva isn’t.

Nutcracker 2

It’s good clean holiday fun…well, expect for a bloody saw! Check it out yourself below & find out more about Red Razor Pictures here.

Eve of the Nutcracker
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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