Album Review: Eyestral – Beyond (Music Records)

Eyestral are a progressive metal band formed in the fall of 2012. They released their first demo tape in 2014 followed by their debut EP, Beware the Rat King in 2014. Fast-forward to October 14th 2017 & the band have released their debut album, Beyond via Music Records.

Eyestral 1

Beyond Sight is a fascinating opener. Thrilling guitar melody, riffs & grinding drum beats backed up by the sound of a couple’s phone call regarding ‘them’. When the tempo increases it becomes a more familiar thrash sounding song, one with plenty of progressive imagination.

There’s a real nasty snarl to the vocals, a style that harks back to early Megadeth with a blackened metal edge. Cryptozoological Quest spits lyrics all while the guitars spray out riffs & solos throughout, Mechanical Tears is a traumatic thrashy assault of heaviness before the progressive elements show their face again on Beyond Comprehension.

This is a more melodic effort with cleaner vocals (not the best) that work alongside the rougher snarls. Some guitar great work lifts what would be an average sounding track though.

A lot of these tracks are fairly long with Pearl and Phillips Street & Beyond Acceptance coming in at nearly 15 minutes combined. The former fills a lot of its run-time with unrelenting drumming played at a throttling speed while the latter ends things on a euphoric high with stunning guitar work.

Beyond is an accomplished piece of work, one that has had a hell of a lot of effort put into it. Does it always get it right? Unfortunately not but when it does it’s one of the best things this year.

Eyestral 2

Eyestral – Beyond Full Track Listing:

1. Beyond Sight (they are here)
2. Cryptozoological Quest
3. Mechanical Tears
4. Beyond Comprehension
5. Exotic Wackos
6. Pearl and Phillips Street
7. Psychoanalysis
8. Beyond Acceptance

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Pick it up now over via Amazon above, on Bandcamp, Spotify & via Apple Music below. Find out more about Eyestral over on Facebook.

Eyestral - Beyond (Music Record)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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