Horror Short Review: The Scarlet Vultures (2018)

Coming from Kyle Martellacci, the director of the the excellent Christmas horror short, Eve of the Nutcracker, The Scarlet Vultures is a disturbing but fascinating horror short. It will get its world premiere at the GenreBlast film festival this September 1st!

We are introduced to Evelyn (Anne-Carolyne Binette) as she talks to an unknown woman in a blue-lit room. It’s an interview of sort but where or what it is about isn’t instantly clear. Ultimately it’s about what brought Evelyn to this place as we flash back to a short time ago.

Scarlet Vultures 2

Evelyn is struggling to get over the loss of her sister and while baking a cake for her wake she cuts her hand deeply. Fascinated by the blood she allows it to drip into the cake mixture. Rather then just throw it all away she chooses to mix the blood in before giving it a taste and finding it to her liking.

She ends up serving up the baked cake to her boyfriend and friends who all seem to love it. This feeling…of being accepted and liked is something Evelyn wants more of but she can’t keep adding blood, can she?

Scarlet Vultures 4

The Scarlet Vultures is a fantastic short. From the visual flair that makes it feel dream-like to the fantastic acting by Anne-Carolyne Binette to the impressive score. It’s a showcase of talent and will leave you feeling deeply disturbed but satisfied.

It’s a slow burn of a watch, the first couple of minutes leaving you with much to ponder on before delivering a horrifying finale. It engages you from the moment it starts. You want to know more about Evelyn and how she got to this stage of her life.

Scarlet Vultures 3

Exceptional work. As well as getting its world premiere at GenreBlast Film Festival on September 1st (with a nomination for best actress) it will then play at the Undo Divergent Film Awards on September 8th (nominated for best fantasy short), then at the Austin Revolution Film Festival on September 21st, where is has garnered 3 nominations for best director, best international short and best actress for Astrida Auza.

Check out the trailer below.

The Scarlet Vultures
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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