Single Slam – Make America Hate Again by Thy Art is Murder (Human Target)

Australia’s Thy Art is Murder release the third single from their incoming new album. This one is called Make America Hate Again.

Human Target is set for release on the 26th of July via Nuclear Blast. We have had two singles released so far prior to Make America Hate Again. The first one was the title track Human Target. A good song but nothing really stand out. That was followed by the really strong, Death Squad Anthem. This one is an absolute banger.

Human Target will be Thy Art is Murders 5th studio album and follows their 2017 release, Dear Desolation. Thy Art are Sean Delander on rhythm guitar and Andy Marsh on leads. Kevin Butler is the bassist and Jesse Beahler is on drums. On vocals it is, of course, CJ McMahon.

Make America Hate Again

Make America Hate Again is just over 3 minutes in length. The title is obviously a play on the modern day plague of red baseball caps with the slogan “Make America Great Again” synonymous with Trump’s presidency. One thing that has really been noticeable in these new Thy Art songs is how venomous and aggressive the band are. There is no holding back as they, so far, seem to focus on global politics and the rise of the dangerous far right and far left. Make America Hate Again follows that same standard of downright anger and frustration.

In typical Thy Art style there is little time for messing about as we launch straight into a crunchy riff with lashings of groove. A roar from CJ sees the drums ramp up the aggression and pace. The verses pack a load of slamming rhythms building up to a chorus that drops back into a bit more groove. The hostility is there for all to see and lyrical content makes sure the message gets home. Lines like “burn down the house that betrays us, I want blood” or “the propaganda machine spills its patriotic pus in the streets” leave no room for interpretation. They Art are pissed and you are going to hear them.

Musically it is all solid enough. The drums are great, really impressive and the guitars have some serious crunch to them. The song almost acts like a collection of mini breakdowns joined together by the riff and drums. Make America Hate Again is solid. A very good track with good pace and energy. The drums are great, the guitars are good and CJ sounds powerful and angry. I guess the issue comes purely in that it doesn’t stand out as anything we haven’t heard from Thy Art before. On one hand, that makes it just another Thy Art Is Murder song. On the other hand, it is still a top quality metal track. Solid, but not quite spectacular.

You can listen to Make America Hate Again now on all the usual streaming platforms. You can still preorder a copy of Human Target from Nuclear Blast here.


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Make America Hate Again by Thy Art is Murder (Human Target)
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