Single Slam – Body Worx by Demi the Daredevil

Austin based alternative, art rock band, Demi the Daredevil have released a new single called Body Worx and it is available now!

Demi the Daredevil first came to our attention in November 2017 when they released the single Sly Dog. You can check out our thoughts on it here. It was then followed up by Lone Lady, a review we wrote in April 2018 (read here). We also had a brief chat with the band and you can read that here.

Body Worx 2

Demi the Daredevil aren’t like any band you have heard before. Musically introspective and occasionally eerie. Theatrical delivery mixed with a little flamboyance with personal, psychological lyrics. It is quite hard to pin them down with words. Basically, just give them a listen. We can’t tell you these are metal. They aren’t but we guarantee you will leave with their tracks bouncing around in your head for days.

Their new single is out now and is called Body Worx.

What a foot-tapper this is. A really upbeat and positive indie rock track with excellent use of electronica and pop-melodies. It reminds me a lot of Angels and Airwaves, a seriously under-rated band.

The twinkly melodies are lighter then air, the vocals really delivering the mellowness we’ve come to expect from Demi the Daredevil while the chorus is incredibly catchy. This might be the best song we’ve heard from this unique indie offering, well worth a listen and will get everyone dancing.

Get you hands on some of Demi the Daredevils music over at their Bandcamp page. You can also grab some at the links below. You can find out more about Demi the Daredevil over at their official website. Give them a like over on Facebook. You can check out some of their music for yourself on YouTube or Soundcloud. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


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Body Worx by Demi the Daredevil
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