Single Slam – Lone Lady by Demi the Daredevil

Austin based alternative, art rock band, Demi the Daredevil are preparing to release a new single. That track is called Lone Lady and it will be available on the 24th of April.

Demi the Daredevil first came to my attention in November last year when they released the single Sly Dog. You can check out my thoughts on it here. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. We also had a brief chat with the band and you can read that here.

Demi the Daredevil aren’t like any band you have heard before. Musically introspective and occasionally eerie. Theatrical delivery mixed with a little flamboyance with personal, psychological lyrics. It is quite hard to pin them down with words. Basically, just give them a listen. I can’t tell you these are metal. They aren’t but I guarantee you will leave with their tracks bouncing around in your head for days.

Lone Lady

Demi the Daredevil are led by Jeff Azar. Jeff is the singer and songwriter. He also provides keys, drums and of course the vocals. Jeff Azar is one of those guys who oozes talent. Also in the band touring members Ricky Jones and Marc Martell who bring guitars and drums. The band list influences as far and wide from bands like Green Day, My Chemical Romance and The Used to Andrew Lloyd Webber film scores, Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson. A wide field indeed.

Not a band to shy away from a tough and important psychological subject, Demi the Daredevil focus on the topic of suicide prevention in Lone Lady. An important and poignant topic if ever there was one.

Lone Lady is around 4 and a half minutes long and definitely carries on that theatrical edge starting with an optimistic keyboard tune. A few effects join in before Jeff’s inimitable vocals start. I really do like this guys voice and delivery. The man is such a talented singer. The music stays positive and uplifting and the lyrics are too. Tinged with sadness as Jeff says how sorry he is but definitely with the promise of a better time too.

The backing vocals over the chorus add tons of depth and the muffled drum beat adds a solid foundation though there are keys and effects all over the place. You lose the drums in them a little but it doesn’t overly hurt the song. Another beautifully delivered verse and chorus follow before we move into a perfectly suited, 80’s rock sounding guitar solo. As the final chorus fades out Lone Lady ends with a symphonic keyboard section. Lone Lady is focused on the terribly sad act of suicide but I adore how it holds out a helping hand. Almost like a manual for those of us not directly affected and how we can help, how we can do more. It seems a very personal song.

Lone Lady once again marks Demi the Daredevil as a cut above others in this genre. Introspective and sombre yet powerfully uplifting too. Lone Lady feels personal to them and makes it feel personal to you too. Any song that can reach out and grab you emotionally like that is worth taking notice of. I urge you to give these guys a go. They are not metal in sound but the very least you will take from it is respect and admiration for the talent on show.

Find out more on Demi the Daredevil at their site here. You can also check out some of their songs while you are there. Keep an eye on the band on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and give them a like or follow while you are there. Most importantly, pick up the single on April the 24th and support a talented band.

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Lone Lady by Demi the Daredevil
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