EP Review: Prey Drive – Tabula Rasa (Krod Records)

Alternative UK rock band, Prey Drive has released their new EP called Tabula Rasa via Krod Records. The EP revolves around the theme of starting again; the realisation that the wrong path has been taken, retracing your steps and starting at the beginning without knowing where you will end up the second time around. Perfectly apt for an EP titled ‘Tabula Rasa’ (‘clean slate’ in Latin).

Prey Drive 2

A bold and dynamic start, Brand New Skin delivers layered riffs alongside soaring vocals that fans of the likes of Circa Survive, Further Seems Forever and Thrice will feel right at home with.

More Than Magic’s theme about trying your hardest to make something work but your best never being good enough makes for a more morose listen. It’s followed by the title track that is a bit more upbeat within the rhythm even if the references to death rituals and Ancient Greek traditions don’t seem it. It’s a showcase of the great guitar work within Prey Drive.

The EP closes out with Like Animals, a track about being backed into a corner; a position you never wanted to be in. The soft piano intro leads into a punchy beat that ends things on a melodramatic high.

Prey Drive 1

Prey Drive – Tabula Rasa Full Track Listing:

1. Brand New Skin
2. More Than Magic
3. Tabula Rasa
4. Like Animals

You can stream/buy the EP via Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and via Apple Music below. You can also buy it via Big Cartel where merchandise can also be bought. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page, following them on Twitter and Instagram.

Prey Drive - Tabula Rasa (Krod Records)
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