Album Review: The Aviators – Flowers and Moonshine (Self Released)

In an era when the perception that Rock N Roll is a dead art form, The Aviators have eschewed the apathy towards rock n’ roll and chose to release an incendiary piece of work that gives a nod to the legends of the past, but also blazes their own trail into the end of the decade.

Flowers and Moonshine is the fourth offering from The Aviators, and is a body of work that authentically reflects 10 years of blood, sweat, and beers. It will be released on May 4th 2019.

Aviators 2

Let’s not pretend that this album is anything but a rock and roll throwback. A nine track album of groovy and catchy singalongs built on the bedrock of foot-tapping riffs and dance along solos.

The Aviators kick things off with style as the title track delivers a rollicking hard rock banger. This and the following, Going Down Swinging will put a big smile on the face. The latter has just a touch of sleaze about it.

Goodbye to the Rain alternates between high energy riffing and an uplifting chorus while Time really draws from the bluesy side of rock and roll. No bad thing as it’s a very good track.

The sexy groove is stepped up for One Last Cigarette, the guitar twangs echoing through dusty plains and sleazy bars. A hyper finish is what really sells this one before Set It Off simplifies things by bringing a body-shaking beat. It’s bouncy and fun…what more do you need?

Which sums up the album. Fun rock and roll with very few surprises. Stick it on at a party and watch the dance floor fill up!

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The Aviators – Flowers and Moonshine Full Track Listing:

1. Flowers and Moonshine
2. Going Down Swinging
3. Goodbye to the Rain
4. Time
5. One Last Cigarette
6. Set it Off
7. Blind
8. Destroyer
9. The Grim Reaper

Find out more by checking out The Aviators Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram.


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The Aviators - Flowers and Moonshine (Self Released)
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