Music News: Elysian Divide Announce Release Of ‘Loser’ Video & Single!

A world coming down from the incursion of nu metal, juxtaposed with the pop-friendly feel-good factor of cliché pop bands with heavy downtuned guitars is where female fronted Elysian Divide draws a line in the sand. While everything that was original is celebrated with come-back tours of our ancient metal ancestors, Elysian Divide seeks to redress the balance and do something a little more innovative. Somewhere between heaven and hell is where you will find Elysian Divide.

Citing many divergent influences including In This Moment, Pantera, Machine Head, Insomnium and In Flames, Elysian Divide’s sound aims to augment the heavy with the beautifully melodic. This is combined with a fiery female vocal which is signature to their sound.

Elysian Divide’s live set is a highly energetic and dynamic stage show, heavily influenced by the drive one may have experienced from the bands that defined the true essence of live throughout the 90s.

‘Loser’ is the latest single from Elysian Divide. The track is taken from the bands EP ‘Beast’ which was released on 31/10/2019.

‘Loser’ will be released on 10th July 2020!

‘Loser’ will be accompanied by a video which was shot by Gary Durham in Hertfordshire. One of the scenes in the video needed some porn magazines!

The band explain:

When creating the video, one of the scenes we wanted to film involved a character sitting around with porno magazines. Our bassist Troy decided that the best day to purchase these magazines for the shoot was early morning on Valentine’s day! In another scene, a guitar meets its death against a wall. It took guitarist Jon-Paul several attempts and a blistered hand to actually get the thing to break. Kurt Cobain made it look so easy!

In recording the live band shots we were lucky enough to find a theatre that let us use their space and PA system. Part way through the shoot, we blew the entire PA system in playing back the sync track. We then reverted to playing audio back from Jon’s Marshall amps, then, after blowing up these two amps as well, we ended up with an old CD player and hoping for the best!

Vocalist Atashi Tada took the directional role for the video. Elysian Divide continue:

Ever since our first video ‘Love is War’” (released May 2018) “We have always enjoyed adding a bit of comedy to our videos but still maintaining deep, almost philosophical ideas behind the stories.

Music videos need to be a bit of fun and an opportunity for the personality of the band to come through. While the overarching ethos of the song ‘Loser’ is that most people are losers at something but that’s no reason to stay still in life, we wanted to put the message across in our distinctive way; the idea is that you can draw the conclusions you want from the video depending on your own life experiences.

The track ‘Loser’ was engineered and produced by Jon-Paul McCarthy and mixed by Arthur Indrikovs. Elysian Divide pride themselves on still recording real instruments on its recordings and not resorting to all-digital affairs – all authentic no synthetic.

Elysian Divide are:
Atashi Tada – Vocals
Jon Sick – Guitar
Michael O’Neill – Drums
Troy Michael Wicks – Bass Guitar
James McGrenery – Guitar



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