Album Review: Häxan – White Noise (Self Released)

UK powerhouse rock band Häxan’s hotly anticipated debut album ‘White Noise’ will be released on July 24th 2020.

Taking the decision to release the album during the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, this is sure to lift classic rock fans spirits and dare us to embrace who we are and what we are capable of when we are backed in to a corner.

Explains the band:

These are strange, and for many – difficult, times we are living in. We debated postponing the album launch until there was more certainty in our (and your) lives. Ultimately we decided that so many of our fans and friends had been asking for this album for so long, that it was only right to continue with its launch and hopefully help to give everyone a little something to look forward to. We want ‘White Noise’ to be able to mask the sounds of the uncertain outside world that’s around all of us currently, to allow people to escape it. It’s an opportunity to shut everything else out and enjoy the incredible potency of music.

Potency… it’s a good word to describe what Häxan provide with their rocking and rolling debut. A potent powerhouse of modern rock that has bundles of energy wrapped up in a ball of thrilling licks, hooks, riffs and groove. The fast pace of opener Damned if you Do setting the bar high early on.

It’s not just about the guitars though as a wicked vocal performance leads the way accompanied by a thumping drum beat that gets the blood pumping. Nowhere is the former better exemplified than by the riotous Killing Time. An instant rock classic.

Nine Lives is just as effective if not a hell of a lot groovier and Grave Digger is all about its catchy chorus.

Proving to be one of the hottest rock acts already, Häxan certainly don’t rest on their laurels as they kick into the defiance-driven Louder Than Words. The extra fire in the riffs, the statement-style vocals…it really works. Whereas the damn catchy rhythm, albeit at a slower pace, is back with a vengeance on Black Sheep. The chorus is something you can’t help but sing along too.

The pace is back for an energetic Crash and Burn, a flipping class act that gets the body moving in Skeletons and the final horror-laden, groove-tastic Living Dead. A trio as good as anything that came before and as good, if not better than most rock releases this year. This is such an attention-grabbing debut, not be missed and Häxan are not to be ignored!

Häxan – White Noise Full Track Listing:

1. Damned if You Do
2. Killing Time
3. Nine Lives
4. Grave Digger
5. Louder Than Words
6. Black Sheep
7. Crash and Burn
8. Skeletons
9. Living Dead


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Häxan - White Noise (Self Released)
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