Music News – Ben Blutzukker releases a brand new song called Radaudiophil

The hugely talented one man project, Ben Blutzukker, has a brand new German language single out right now called Radaudiophil.

Think of all the stupid questions and comments levied against you, as a metal fan, since your youth. All the times someone has mocked you, your clothes, your bands. “Why are they always shouting?”. “You can’t understand a word they are saying!”. “Why are you all so miserable all the time?”. “You are just going through a phase!”. “Why do you always wear black and not something more colourful?”.


I know myself I have heard many of these hundreds, maybe thousands, of times over my life thus far. Especially the phase one. I was told that from a young age. 30 years later, I am still happily going through it!

Well, in response to this nonsense, Ben Blutzukker has now written the song Radaudiophil. This single response is rooted in Ben’s love for the dark noise and the dark wardrobe he indulges. The contents of his wardrobe has not become much more colourful over the years!


In the single, Ben Blutzukker has sought support from a wild horde who share these views. The audience can hear their point of view in the final chorus of this German language metal anthem, Radaudiphil. Check it out below –

You can stream Radaudiophil now on all the usual platforms. Grab your copy from one of the links held here.

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