Album Review: Edoma – Immemorial Existence (Petrichor)

Edoma was formed in September 2017 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Where four musically skilled metalheads decided to join forces and to form a band. After years of relentless rehearsals and testing out their material live the band decided to hit the studio in late 2019. Eight songs and one intro were recorded and took shape into ‘Immemorial Existence’, the first full length album the band is now unleashing upon mankind.

Like mist creeping across the land while innocence sleeps, Edoma begin their new album in dark and cold style. Gates’ is a haunting intro that drifts away, leaving behind the imposing figure of blackened death metal that is icy cold to even gaze upon, let alone get close too.

Herald of Death is the sound of breath being stolen as the freezing winds blow from evil places. The tempo of the track should offer warmth but that’s not the way of Edoma. Instead, the chill is enhanced until it’s felt in the bones. Naming the next track after themselves, Edoma look to solidify their name in the minds of would be victims who have been foolish enough to brave the storm that is this album. With a hefty showcase of black and death metal, there’s no arguing that their plan isn’t effective.

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With all the intensity of hellfire but none of the scorching heat, Northern Heart captures the soul of the black metal days of old. The vocals in particular are at their most howling and haunting. Depletion of Faith’s frenzied approach is disgustingly appealing and has so much energy, it momentarily revives minds from icy slumbers. Whereas Labyrinth of Torment nails the feeling of being lost, alone and facing possible death as the walls close in and there is no escape.

The end is approaching and Last Hours frenzied riffs and drums are a sound to behold. Before Demons of Eternal Twilight is all about the savage guttering that the vocals do to the soul. Both tracks as contemptuous as the other. It’s down to Permafrost to freeze the very world we live in to its core. This is no normal winter, it’s the slow halt of everything and Edoma make sure everyone is aware they’re the heralds.

Edoma – Immemorial Existence Full Track Listing:

1. Gates
2. Herald Of Death
3. Edoma
4. Northern Heart
5. Depletion Of Faith
6. Labyrinth Of Torment
7. Last Hours
8. Demons OF Eternal Twilight
9. Permafrost


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Edoma - Immemorial Existence (Petrichor)
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