Horror Short Review: Snap (2016)

Written, directed and edited by Robyn August, Snap is a very creative and effective horror short that certainly delivers a fright or two.

It comes in at just over two minutes long and sees a young man find a vintage camera in a shoe-box in his closet. He immediately starts snapping pictures of his apartment until he sees a woman sitting in a chair at his table. When he stops looking through the viewfinder she is gone. Scared but curious he looks again and this time she is sitting in a different chair a little closer to him.

Snap 2

Each time he looks again she is in a different position and he builds the courage up to try and see her face. Before he can though she raises her arm and points at something behind him.

A quality horror short here. One that does exactly what a short should. It’s quick and to the point giving off a really creepy vibe and delivering an effective jump scare.

Snap 3

While the ‘images in the camera’ idea is nothing new, Robyn August has style that makes his version stand out. A strong final shot really shows that off.

Check it out yourself below.

Snap (2016)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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