EP Review: Menin – Lord of Pain (Doom Stew Records)

Lord of Pain is the new EP from stoner/doom/psychedelic band, Menin. It will be released on September 15th 2017 via Doom Stew Records.

Menin 1

It might be only 3 tracks long but Lord of Pain comes in at over 23 minutes long! The title track’s fuzzy heavy edge, stoner riffs & pained vocal style gets the ball rolling nicely. The passion on this EP shines through especially on the thumping beat of Logrus.

Coming in at nearly 10 minutes, it is songs like this that makes you want to drop to your knees & thank whatever god will listen for this kind of music. A rolling drum beat energises the guitars into action before the bitter sounding vocals pick up the baton. A moody doom number one minute, upbeat & trippy the next. An inventive piece of music that is dripping in atmosphere.

Mercer finishes the EP off in a bass heavy haze of stoner-fuzz & riffs. Adding an extra layer of satisfaction to an already impressive showing by Menin.

The future of stoner-doom riffing is very bright with the likes of Menin around.

Menin 2

Menin – Lord of Pain Full Track Listing:

1. Lord of Pain
2. Logrus
3. Mercer

Head over to Bandcamp to pick up the EP now. You can find out more about Menin via their website here & Facebook.

Menin - Lord of Pain (Doom Stew Records)
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