Horror Short Review: Making Faces (2019)

A slow-burn of a horror with an excellent payoff, Making Faces comes from one of our favourite horror creators out there, Andrew J.D. Robinson. We’ve watched loads of his work and found them all to be of the highest quality. Shorts like Sightings, A Walk Home Alone, Placebo, Candle Cove and We Know You Are Home.

Does Making Faces continue this run?

Cassie is struggling with life, you get that instantly with her trying to force smiles through tears in a mirror. It’s a cold and emotional start, we may not know anything about her at this stage but it is clear she isn’t happy.

She does perk up though when she receives a package at the door. Something she has been expecting and something she can add to her collection. What she gets though is not what she expected.

I’m not going to go into any more detail than that. Simply put, the less said about Making Faces, the better. This is an experience that everyone should have without knowing what to expect in its final moments.

As stated at the start, it’s a slow burn of a horror but one dripping in tension and atmosphere. The expectation of something horrifying never goes away and even the most ardent of horror fans will find themselves feeling quite cold once the credits begin to roll.

Filmed in harsh lighting to emphasis the harshness of Cassie’s world, the message seems to be relating to the fake-ness of social media. Those smiling happily for their profile picture while behind the mask is a world of pain and suffering. It’s subtle but there, revealing a dark truth few will want to face.

It feels all to real and an impressive cast alongside a soundtrack makes this another horror short that Andrew J.D. Robinson has knocked out of the park. Check it out yourself below:

Making Faces (2019)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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