Horror Short Review: We Know You Are Home (2018)

Andrew J.D. Robinson is an award-winning filmmaker and the founder/festival programmer of the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge. A non-profit international filmmaking contest in which celebrity judges decide the top films and conventions screen our greatest hits. Check out the website here.

We consider Andrew J.D. Robinson as one of the finest filmmakers creating horror right now and we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing several of his shorts so far. This latest one might be his best work yet. You can read our reviews of Candle Cove, Placebo, A Walk Home Alone. Sightings and Something Scary by clicking the links.

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The short begins detailing the disappearance of three young trick r’ treaters years ago in a small town. The incident has seen Halloween become less of a celebration in the town since. 20-something Alice cares little for the holiday but is pleased to take on a house-sitting job on Halloween Eve. Her plan is to relax and watch scary horror movies until the doorbell goes.

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Amazing. It’s the one word that sums up We Know You Are Home. Effectively creepy, well acted and darkly twisted. This is a horror done right. Everything from the filming style to the eerie music to the fantastic acting by lead, Julie Landriault. She absolutely nails it here and in a short amount of time proves to be a better lead then many actresses in big budget horrors.

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That it also has a moving finale shows just how competent a writer/director Andrew J.D. Robinson is. Check it out for yourself below, just leave the lights on first.


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We Know You Are Home (2018)
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